Jadakiss - Y. O. (Youthful Offenders) (Audio) ft. Akon
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Y. O. (Youthful Offenders). (C) 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • M. M
    M. M

    Still bumping this shit and I don't see that changing.

  • Squizzy Taylor
    Squizzy Taylor


  • Prince Nicholas Herrman
    Prince Nicholas Herrman

    11:20 AM 5/11/2020 No clue what this album is about. I dont listen to Akon. Is that a Cali. thing?

    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams

      Jadakiss is a legend...akon at the time was like a nate dogg...

  • GL Voyceboxxx
    GL Voyceboxxx


  • Prince Nicholas Herrman
    Prince Nicholas Herrman

    9:31 PM 1/3/2020 Was he in Vegas before christmas and New Years? I will say whats up to Jadakiss. Yeah its me listening to this at the gym working out. I wasnt for sure if it was you talking to me like this or not.

  • Independent female I got this
    Independent female I got this

    If u never tell it how would they kno what u did exactly why I’m not of fb twitter or snap. The world don’t need to kno my moves

  • Jhonores Zadomen
    Jhonores Zadomen

    Jada at its fullest

  • Prince Nicholas Herrman
    Prince Nicholas Herrman

    10:19 AM 11/13/2019 **listening to music** So many cops in my town... Rhonda Meyerhoff never got the upper hand over me. She thinks I would help her to the top? Why didnt she tell me this in person instead she did this behind my back? What did Prince Peter Philips say about this? My hometown Hays, KS is full of retards. Im pretty sure they threw the Meyerhoff family out of Washington DC if not its going to happen.

  • Anton lane
    Anton lane

    Tone Da ILL One !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L plug
    L plug

    The best jada shoutout to acon

  • Jada Clark
    Jada Clark


  • Thomas Goodman
    Thomas Goodman

    Banginn that NY ishhhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen

    shamar Willie Max bigavelli silver surfer long way pooda brab BG elchapo chinx drugz baby traydee jadakiss Royal blue wbla ebk abg sswvgc wvgc Harlem G's Marcy projects and Yonkers NY dblocc inmates stick together like peanut butter and jelly Sox

  • Raphael Sanmartin
    Raphael Sanmartin

    No matter what you do never reveal your connect, so damm true

  • Noonie Wheeler
    Noonie Wheeler


  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando Rodriguez

    Jadakiss is really top 5 dead or alive

    • Carl Daniels
      Carl Daniels

      B- Bitter SCARFACE best rapper alive Jadakiss fire 2 tho💪🏽

    • B- Bitter
      B- Bitter

      Maybe top 5 new york rapper but that's bout it

    • Carl Daniels
      Carl Daniels

      Orlando Rodriguez I SALUTE THAT STATEMENT PLAYER 💪💪💪

  • Ambali Afolabi
    Ambali Afolabi

    Akon...(king of Hook) and Jada= fire

  • Hambaliou Diaoune
    Hambaliou Diaoune


  • Ollie Priester
    Ollie Priester

    top 5

  • jahtempo

    top fizzle !One of my favs

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson

    so lyrical...one of the top lyrist! keep bring that heat king👑

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Real rap... period

  • Kasy jay
    Kasy jay

    got caught by ya love,u get rewarded day by day

  • Kasy jay
    Kasy jay

    got caught by ya love,u get rewarded day by day

  • Khairul Jasmizan
    Khairul Jasmizan

    i like this beats.. like crime music



  • AC9 NYG
    AC9 NYG

    Who here 2017?

  • Sunni _
    Sunni _

    Beat's dope asf! Legends are always slept on...damn!

  • Kutta King
    Kutta King

    Thanx kiss u never forget the young boys

  • Jermaine Dorn
    Jermaine Dorn

    jadakiss is simply put as he say, cut from a different cloth, mastered every form of hip-hop . The say song so vivid & soulful. Tight B.I.G. Would be proud yo!!!

  • straiightmenace

    learned how 2 clap b4 he learned how 2 stack.. now he doin 30 sum years in the max. free my nigga Stu

  • Gary Green
    Gary Green

    can't stop hitting the rewind. This song is a pinnacle of hip hip

  • Louie Aaron
    Louie Aaron

    dope track

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    jada flow thou

  • TaleZ-Off- DaPiFF
    TaleZ-Off- DaPiFF

    Akon On That Hook 💯💯💯❗️ Legendary DBlock Real Rap

  • TaleZ-Off- DaPiFF
    TaleZ-Off- DaPiFF

    How Can You Dislike This!!!! Smh

  • Ricky Stayton
    Ricky Stayton

    this beat straight piff

  • Marelyn Harris
    Marelyn Harris

    the next nigga dislike kiss get bitch slap

  • Amin & Hugo
    Amin & Hugo

    Underrated album. Kiss a real one.

  • central cal
    central cal

    this song is so dope

  • Miitxhi MAINE
    Miitxhi MAINE

    T5DOA! Ahaaaaaaaa. MO STREET NIKGA SALUTE!!!

  • Bad Comic
    Bad Comic

    Damn , Akons production was so perfect for jadakisses flawless flow

  • Mobbstarr Mobbin
    Mobbstarr Mobbin

    D Block in this bitch. Nothin can fade this.

  • Eazy Economicz
    Eazy Economicz


  • JeanMarie

    💋 I MISSED U! THANK U! AMEN TRU CHURCH N THE STREETS. No offense to Jeezy but u a son, Jada a father😋

  • kathy Santiago
    kathy Santiago

    Fire..... love u Jada akon perfect blend

    • Random Tv
      Random Tv

      Hey sexy kathy

  • Taktavious Xertoxal
    Taktavious Xertoxal

    This sounds like 2007-2009

  • fukc thepolice
    fukc thepolice

    What dickheads are clickin the dislike?

  • Luisa Roman
    Luisa Roman

    I love jadakis music, and akon,

  • king ace
    king ace

    ima kid and I love Jayz jadakiss talib kweli and more

  • king ace
    king ace

    he got Akon

  • mike martin
    mike martin

    Damn jada top 5 dead or alive no doubt still killin it.. Stopped listening to hip hop probably ten years ago all new bullshit but can't get enough jada styles nas wu tang em

  • Alan Raven
    Alan Raven

    Akon was alive?

  • straiightmenace

    now he doin 30 sum years in the max... free stu & free prince

  • bryon patton
    bryon patton

    fire from track to track.

  • the Chronicles
    the Chronicles

    I give kiss a big salute d block style for keepin it where we know it should be..always been one of my favs he not underated tho..i give top 10 dead or alive but i have no probs with him thinking hes top 5 at all..he aint just bout bars neither , its street jewels in his shit as well.. we can learn from his raps! Good shit bruh!

  • Charles Dennis
    Charles Dennis


  • Sims Beats
    Sims Beats


  • Seven Allah
    Seven Allah

    Jada Master Any Track he touch?

  • KYSEAN nineonefour
    KYSEAN nineonefour

    if only yall understood the deeper meaning to this song you'd never understand. gotta know the history of Yonkers tbh

    • KYSEAN nineonefour
      KYSEAN nineonefour


  • Laniya Pryor
    Laniya Pryor

    one of my favorite off the album.

  • Criss Kitchn
    Criss Kitchn

    This song is too real for the radio, Akon killed it & Jada was spitting fire!

  • Hassan A
    Hassan A

    My top 5 goes like this: 1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3. Dylan 4. Dylan 5. Dylan He spits hot fire 🔥

    • Jason Gamboa
      Jason Gamboa


  • Adam OfficialMusic
    Adam OfficialMusic

    Niiiiiceeeee Barz upon Barz

  • Boo Bear
    Boo Bear

    hell yeah Homeboy

  • Frannard Acklin
    Frannard Acklin

    Akon back to doing tracks with street rappers. Dude went pop after blowing on the Styles P track.

    • Life Is Good
      Life Is Good

      He a real nigga

  • Essentially Pink
    Essentially Pink

    Classic 💯💯💯

  • l3loodyLove

    Damn , this song speaks volumes to me . RIP Big B

  • 1hiphophead83

    classic fire💥💥💣

  • IpOnEfAgS


  • Jay Kali
    Jay Kali


  • Kush#1 Super#TM
    Kush#1 Super#TM

    Got 2 Hustlaz

  • Miguel Cancel
    Miguel Cancel

    this shit is nice as fuck

  • Jennifer Vincenty
    Jennifer Vincenty

    30 something years , with numbers like That it takes years to relax, Word he ain't lying and anybody that did a long ass bid, knows it does take years to fucking relax,

  • Jon R
    Jon R

    go get em

  • facts fatc
    facts fatc

    learn how to trap before you learn how to stack now you doing 35 years in the max with numbers like that it takes years to relax

    • H SS
      H SS

      facts fatc clap

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Thanks for this one kiss and konvict

  • Lee Coleman
    Lee Coleman

    Miss this style from akon. Konvict music

  • Kenneth Caine
    Kenneth Caine


  • BlackGypsyMusic

    fire blaze!!!

  • Braden kirsten
    Braden kirsten

    go follow @DramaaTone in IG he dissin Jada

  • YummyxSpanKzz

    Damn my boy akon came out with fire! heard that shit on the radio #konvict

  • Real N1gga
    Real N1gga

    Jada speaking to chief keef damn this deep

  • Anthony buddha white
    Anthony buddha white

    Hope make video for this song I love so much it God truly point blank

  • Jazmine Ali
    Jazmine Ali

    Feels like 2005 miss this sound !

  • TeddyPee813 Watch
    TeddyPee813 Watch

    Really a good kid he just always wanna do shit

  • Steve Howard
    Steve Howard

    Damn Jadakiss that's a hard one I'm bumping this in htown.

  • movielord911

    Yo this is the type of music thats needs to be developed. Album of magic im hype this dropped.

  • Andrew Coleman
    Andrew Coleman

    like the Sequel to "Time is up" wit my dude Nate Dogg, R.i.p.! Fire Track Period!

  • Andrew Coleman
    Andrew Coleman

    Damn, this sounds like Dre or Scotty!

    • Hussein kanteh
      Hussein kanteh

      i think akon produced this song

  • D Brown
    D Brown

    This shit rockin jada back

  • Doorsnjbod

    ain't nuttin like early 90s mid 90s music ... from 93-01 beat Era in hip hop music besides nwa days...PERIOD

  • Doorsnjbod

    ain't nuttin like early 90s mid 90s music ... from 93-01 beat Era in hip hop music besides nwa days...PERIOD

  • Red Dwg
    Red Dwg

    jada goes hrd

  • larry alvin
    larry alvin


  • Tay Low
    Tay Low

    2005 is back

  • Tim Kruse
    Tim Kruse

    this shit is fire they need a remix with obie trice

  • McProsper Shalom
    McProsper Shalom

    I approved and agreed

  • StaccCurrency productions
    StaccCurrency productions

    cuh " top 5 dead or alive "? not even in yo dreams nigga !

  • Four Twenty
    Four Twenty

    Akon is back!