Jadakiss - Why (Official Uncut Version) ft. Anthony Hamilton
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Why. (C) 2004 Ruff Ryders
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  • Philipp Kessler
    Philipp Kessler

    Produced by Havoc

  • Jake McClenahan
    Jake McClenahan


  • Juan Plaza
    Juan Plaza

    Why they crucified Jesus Christ why?

  • Stephen Ouma
    Stephen Ouma

    Why Americans had to vote Donuld Tramp

  • Derrick Griffin
    Derrick Griffin

    Classic will never die yo 💪🏾💪🏾🍾Salute

  • Eve S
    Eve S

    🗣2K20 still the realest shit ever #RESPECT 💯

  • Patrick Witte
    Patrick Witte

    Did Janice are very real individual but what I would say is why didn't left I have to take that flight just saying

  • NahShon Major
    NahShon Major


  • Javon Antoine
    Javon Antoine

    I'm 22, and like songs/raps like this someone plz put me on to some oldschool raw sh*t; for some reason big and pac I just can't connect with but this right here is cool. I like sh*t I can connect with

  • Encore Vintage
    Encore Vintage

    Remix with joyner lucas would be fire

  • Aaliyah W
    Aaliyah W

    Listening In 2020 and let’s just say WOKE 🧏🏾‍♀️

  • Zawadi Nash
    Zawadi Nash

    Ask why

  • Keish Williams
    Keish Williams

    up to this day blacks asking why and will until jesus return...and they will still ask him why lol

    • King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus
      King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus


  • Jinx Jordan
    Jinx Jordan

    Still bumpin 💯💯💯

  • Brandon Ragsdale
    Brandon Ragsdale

    Rag$ 2 Riche$ H Town

    • King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus
      King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus

      It ain't about money, it's about being fair.

  • Bell Geeday
    Bell Geeday

    "Why Denzel have to be crooked before he took it?" I was 12 when I heard that. WOKE ✊🏾

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • Damonte Flippins
    Damonte Flippins

    Kiss came thru with a classic, with the classic kicks, taxi's! Why you do em like that kiss,? Why 😂

  • DeAnna Wise
    DeAnna Wise

    WHERE IS JADAKISS? This was 2004. But COMPLETELY today

  • Ceo Yellaaa
    Ceo Yellaaa

    Why they gotta do me like that ??? 😤

  • Ceo Yellaaa
    Ceo Yellaaa

    Why ?

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson

    Why do cops keep killin blacks? BLM

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H

    ALgone:brandon halas ebb and flow

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H

    ALgone:brandon halas music

  • Drew Berkey
    Drew Berkey

    why I can't come through in a pecan jag????????

  • Ronnie Taipeti
    Ronnie Taipeti


  • Redrosis C
    Redrosis C

    This Song had much sense this day! Man! God bless Jadakiss! 🙏

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    For DIS MY SH**

  • Arturo Soto
    Arturo Soto

    Y my diesel got fiends at my spot on the floor for days....u kno msg

  • Terrell Carver
    Terrell Carver

    Back when hip hop had substance

  • fivethreeone


  • BeatWeezy

    This was one of my fav songs of all time

  • Joseph Provost
    Joseph Provost

    Whyd She take That Flight All I Know Is My Late First Love I Saw Die And you Know what I Know Already Nas I Go through Toughest Of Times Real Testy Ones I Still Look At Where She Would Have Been Now Scard Shes With Us Regardless. DBlock.

  • Joseph Capriglione
    Joseph Capriglione

    this could be dropped every year since releas on same beat with cameos every year and STILL BANG, lucrative financailly, and for the good of the people. PogChamp

  • Joseph Capriglione
    Joseph Capriglione


  • Debra James
    Debra James

    Why did kobe board that crashing helicopter?. Rest in peace kobe. LeBron took your advice and is carrying the torch 4 rings 💍 baby stand up for LeBron and kobe!.

  • Mawa J
    Mawa J


  • Mawa J
    Mawa J


  • Elijah Jackson
    Elijah Jackson

    50 cent: 21 questions finna be a hit jadakiss: hold my dutch master.

  • Alexandre Foin
    Alexandre Foin


  • 504BoyHPB3

    Why people still have to be racist?

  • lifewithinga

    i was born 2007 🤣🤣

  • Trymore Nongai mlambo
    Trymore Nongai mlambo

    Real voice💪

  • Justin F
    Justin F

    Why do people act like they do why do we got this animosity toward eachother

  • Ken Graham
    Ken Graham

    For this classic material video not to have 1 billion views it just goes to show you what state of mind hip-hop is in right now with the today's generation my point is they do not understand great classic real raw uncut HIP HOPP MUSIC DOES ANYBODY DISAGREE!!!!

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.

  • Cheromna darty
    Cheromna darty

    Why trump had to be president

  • Chanelle Patrice
    Chanelle Patrice

    Why is the song still relevant? I love this joint 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Rolland

    "Why spitting the hottest shit but still selling the least"

  • J Psy-Edge
    J Psy-Edge

    Part 2 , do it for YO

  • Husayn Belthren
    Husayn Belthren

    Why Jada that Sister? ,in the South didn't algedly pass the bar exam? facts word all lives matter especially Blue lives oh try not to algedly hate Sunshine ohh?

  • jack jack
    jack jack

    Why did the underground society let the bronsexuals win 🤔🤔

    • jack jack
      jack jack

      @Knuckles Aukuso LeFraud Blames 🤔🤔

    • Knuckles Aukuso
      Knuckles Aukuso

      Why are you living your life always thinking of Lebron 🤣🤣

  • jeremy gelormino
    jeremy gelormino


  • Rivers Cuomo
    Rivers Cuomo

    Look, this song is fine, but there's some pretty dumb lines in here.

    • c b jones
      c b jones

      Maybe it went over your head

  • Phillip Mcdaniel
    Phillip Mcdaniel

    It's time for a remix. Get em Jada kiss

  • Dylan Perkins
    Dylan Perkins

    Why is jadakiss as hard as it gets????

  • Rand Om
    Rand Om

    Why they don't know harriet tubman and frederick douglass was Republicans? why they don't know MLK and malcolm x was Republicans? Why they don't know the Democrats was for all the lynching? Why do they think everyone who have white skin is a racist? When most sit back, smoke one and bump this jadakiss Why we all got to be separated by races? Why are these people who keep crying racism, racist? Why are they always promoting the devil? Why do they tear down Candace Owens but lift up but think promoting WAP to our young girls is better? Why we always got to fight each other because we different? DONT YOU KNOW THATS WHAT THEY WANT?

  • Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso
    Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso


  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank

    Its weird to think I was 16 in the beginning of 2004 and I remember when I turned 17 in 04 I loved that year I had so much fun growing up back then. Life still felt free back then compared to this technocracy digital age we live in now, Just felt more free i think. I had a Motorola walkie talkie phone 2way radio in highschool I actusllt miss that damn phone and my bootleg ringtones I downloaded. I had the whistle song from Dipset on my phone 😆 I remember we could still smoke inside restaurants up until 2003 and in Massachusetts you couldnt buy beer on sundays until around 2005 I think. I remember we still had the blue laws. Times really have changed......

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank

    I was 17 in 2004 during George Bush years and he got re elected in november I remmebr John Kerry was running for president, I watched the debate too but I couldnt vote and i hated Bush too!😒

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank

    Why did Bush knock down the towers?

  • Billy Lewis
    Billy Lewis

    Someone said Imagine doing this song now..with what's going on with the world. 8months ago. Wow. Imagine NOW. Today. I don't want my kids to grow up with the state of the world now. Make it better. Do better! WHY.

  • William Sheppard
    William Sheppard

    Why Trump had the winning 2016 election come on pay attention

  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas

    This a classic 💯👌



  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Ariella deSouza
    Ariella deSouza

    Real question about why did Bush knock down the towers... Why did Satan knock down the towers and why did OBL go after the 2 towers = try symbolism for 2 flames = 2 world powers = twin flames and much more... think about how much WORSE it could have been if OBL truly was empowered by Satan. That is what the end of times will be like but, on a much larger scale. It will take people with both good intentions and big ass balls to destroy enemies like that. Cute little AOC is just that an actual sweet woman... might be fiesty but, she is good in Congress. This isn't me trying to sound or seem conceited but, why is it that 1. I have been saying for MONTHS that the Pope(s) will never be safe in Rome ---> Peter had pride. When JC chose to wash his feet what did Peter say? Master My head too... that is a sign of pride in someone's heart and what empowered him to leave Christ on the cross. When really even if 1 person would have been strong enough to say NO what you are doing is WRONG then it would not of happened. That was also a sign from God about why we can never leave 1 person out in wind at all regardless of their sinful nature you show absolutely everyone true love/human respect and work towards restoring dignity. I am hoping that you can read between the lines of what the actual targets will be this time around... 9/11 was another birth pang or mother earth/gaia getting close to it thats all. 2nd part. The photo ---> when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. The usa is known for being 'power hungry' in everything from food to music, politics and sports. None of us which has a lick of care in it almost ever.. hence why/how companies like McDonald's blew up yet use/used crap products. I am the physical manifestation of love... the word made flesh it's why its destined whether I like it or anyone else's. What I prefer? A quiet life lol... being famous or being in politics does not give you that... it's how/why someone like Francis had so many votes for when he became Pope. The greatest leaders are often those who don't want to lead. I rarely want to do this... I did say obligation correct? Yea again it is the only way to make 'things equal'. So many assassinations have been done in the name of 'power', law degrees have been achieved in the name of power (Hillary and Michelle Obama for example). I believe that Michelle is a nice woman but, really had no interest in law and just wanted to be a mom with Barack she found that and has been able too yet the devil does tempt her to come back to 'false power' where maybe she was involved in an assassination coup against him? It's hard for me to fathom but, I would not doubt it. The devil lives very strongly in her friend B... very very strongly so it probably takes a lot for michelle to stay grounded with thay heavy of an influence. Around the world some countries seem worse than others or totally against God but, really probably the worst one is the USA hence why we have the false prophet and never a woman President as woman woman absolutely be more evil/power hungry than a man if they are empowered or even tempted by the devil or just power of any kind. Think of these few examples ---> who started the CIA Truman, peace Corp-JFK, Eisenhower lead us threw the world war 2 I think? And several before/before after that.... Bush started homeland security. No woman has ever thought the high of themselves to gain the attention or show what good they could do before and really didnt know how to balance career,marriage, family and running their own household let alone a nation that influences others. It's not that I am the only one just the only one who has ever fully accepted their womanhood from a place of love for themselves, men, God, country, families ,etc. Before the unveiling of Christ woman have not always known how how to act or what their place is in society hence 'womans issues'being such a major problem that at it's roots go back to religion really. Even in philosophy which the church knows exists and respects... many will tell you or can tell you that a lot of reasons why people/society are truly so screwed up is this. When someone as kind as Michelle Obama could have been and is a majority of the time (she is into 'power dressing just not in the same way as Hillary she is cheap and buys things because she as a woman/human being likes them) when someone like feels the need to get a law degree then never use it and be a happy stay at home mom who just wanted to get out of the hood their is something really wrong with the world. That is what I mean by woman not knowing what to do with their lives and thus can be yes better leaders but, on the flip side farrrrr more evil than a man. That is why Hillary ultimately dis not win. Trumo might be stupid but, Hillary is purrrreee evil. I will show you 2 pictures to see the differenxe The 3 wise men or wise people... and other things. I am sure I can find some clues in history/life to where this had come in just have not studied it yet. For today I try to show you all different events from the Tribulation and Putin. Also maybe Sept. 28th was the final day that you all started to truly accept what has gone on as the 1st of the 4 horseman yet it started awhile ago by God? Thinking of what Ed said on the JAshow...

  • Mackie McNeal
    Mackie McNeal

    Why police keep killing Blacks?????

  • Simone Peter
    Simone Peter

    This song came out in 04 it’s 2020 and jadakiss spoke about Kobe taking that flight . They knew what was going to happen sooner or later

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Why did Darwin Thompson just fumble that ball?

  • Amber Morgan
    Amber Morgan


  • Josh Banner
    Josh Banner

    why did bush knock down the towers

  • TheKiing

    Here in 2020!!!

  • Knuckles Aukuso
    Knuckles Aukuso

    Why buzz in LA ain’t like in NEW YORK

  • benjamm1nn

    Anthony Hamilton could literally sing about anything and I would love it. Like if he sang my grocery list or sang the directions on a 5 hour drive on my iPhone, it would be amazing

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown

    All the chaos going on in this video is like what we see on the news everyday in 2020🤦‍♂️

  • V4Now

    I is this stupid sony so fun to listen to?😊 I hate there are so many good questions bogged down by the braindead

  • Divine Reality
    Divine Reality

    Official!! Kiss did that


    2020...Pooh Shiesty brought me here & reminded me 💯♥️

  • 455 benchpresser82
    455 benchpresser82


  • luxford action movies
    luxford action movies

    Why the COVID 19 Why Donald trump still running for second time Why is Africa still in slave Why do i have to write all this ?

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester

    2020 needs a remix

  • Beautifully M
    Beautifully M

    Messages in songs pay attention people it's a warning

  • Hosea

    Why did Covid have to hit so hard? Even tho it’s almost over why people can’t get no jobs?

  • Kay J
    Kay J

    Why 2020?

  • Mr. Ez Back
    Mr. Ez Back

    This song is even more relevant now than then!!!! Hip Hop should more be the peoples voice than talking about grillz, 24's and big watch on the wrist.

  • Simon Eidson
    Simon Eidson

    “Why are you even alive?”

  • nadimabraham17

    Classic song the instrumental is heat

  • Tina Alessi
    Tina Alessi


  • mildred lavea
    mildred lavea


  • Prod By Abromatic
    Prod By Abromatic

    Why this song makes me wanna cry? 😭😭

  • JEasy


  • Matt Sagona
    Matt Sagona

    So Jadakiss is a 9/11 truther?

  • swift 11
    swift 11


  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga

    Wtf jada need more subs.

  • Ramon Watson
    Ramon Watson

    This is how I been feeling everyday since January 26 2020 🐍4L