Jadakiss - We Gonna Make It ft. Styles
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Music video by Jadakiss performing We Gonna Make It. (C) 2001 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young

    Back to real,life ambitious reminiscent banjul

  • Dalyah Mone
    Dalyah Mone

    Man eve did her shit wit this verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JUDAH720


  • khalida nesnas
    khalida nesnas


  • The Real AIJA
    The Real AIJA

    Y’all please check out my cover on my page 🥺❤️‼️ I’ll appreciate it❣️@TherealAija

  • Nabil Mimouni
    Nabil Mimouni

    That "Ah", "C'mon" 🔥

  • j v
    j v

    Loving my blackness 🎶🎶🎶😎

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas

    we gonna make it baby

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Listening to this in the year of the Rona like: We Gon Make It

  • Alexandre Foin
    Alexandre Foin


  • Real King Semaj
    Real King Semaj

    I totally forgot about this version wow

  • Shombie Dixon
    Shombie Dixon

    oh yeah

  • Gator Don’tplay
    Gator Don’tplay

    Ahhhhh 4XL clothes and 60inch chains. 2000s

  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass

    Dawg this how hot Ruff Ryders was back than, u had Ludacris, Birdman, Jalen Rose wanting to be in their videos. Im sure there was some more people I didnt recognize

  • The Bar Kritik
    The Bar Kritik

    Still riding to this shit 2020

  • SavageBoiLah Vlogs
    SavageBoiLah Vlogs

    Going back eve wasn’t lying bout philly.. look at lil uzi 👀

  • Trevor John
    Trevor John

    My bathtub lift up my walls do a 360 hahah shits fire still!!

  • Peter Majongwe
    Peter Majongwe

    Classic,deadly combination,Birdman in the video?

  • Romaree G
    Romaree G

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Still here 2020!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • aurelius gaïus
    aurelius gaïus

    Style p and jadakiss..... The gold teamate

  • aurelius gaïus
    aurelius gaïus

    When life was good😭😩😔

  • Fabian brown
    Fabian brown

    Just notice birdman in the video

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas

    I'm not the best @ " what up " & it's getting hot in here.

  • Judith Watkins
    Judith Watkins

    Speed it up a little😎

  • Philip Valley
    Philip Valley

    These were my mentors growing up. For real . Showed me the ropes . How to be a Gangster and a Gentleman. Respect To the Lox

  • Marius Lovehall
    Marius Lovehall

    Kiss started off the song with that crazy whale scale bar 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shanne

    Jammin in 2020!!!!!

  • Y B
    Y B

    0:45 Is that "Truth Hurts" ??

  • Deathb4dishonor Fullcircle
    Deathb4dishonor Fullcircle


  • LC

    Mobb!!!!! ALC❗️ LoX! Holla!

  • Richy WiFi
    Richy WiFi

    The speech at the end make me tear up

  • Chris Black
    Chris Black

    Rass Kass salute!🔥

  • Divine Reality
    Divine Reality

    D BLOCK!!! 2020... and I was there back then too.... still saying "We gon make it " 💯✊🏽🙏💪

  • Jeremiah Burnette
    Jeremiah Burnette

    This a song when your down and out shit will always change that mind set music in this era was made for every mood down and out there was something u wanted to fight u went down south u wanted to say fuck it u went west and east kept you partying

  • Lester James
    Lester James


  • RLCIZZLE3434

    Lol I just noticed that Jalen Rose is in this video

  • Kenneth M. Sullivan
    Kenneth M. Sullivan

    I am glad this song came back to me. It's been a minute, it took me back to my pre-teens.

  • -chase

    "we use the scales that the weigh the wales with" (Cues to a wale on a scale) LMFAOOO

  • OK LOL
    OK LOL

    Eve killed it holy shit

  • Thirty-Three Hip Hop
    Thirty-Three Hip Hop

    We need this song right now. Some Triumphant Sh*t! 2020 Been a Mother! Watch Thirty Three Hip Hop on ALgone.

  • Stephen Chuk-d
    Stephen Chuk-d


  • Will H
    Will H


  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee

    2 0 2 0

  • Spoonie G
    Spoonie G

    Puffy got dissed!

  • I'm NotHere
    I'm NotHere

    Friday night cypher done brought this shit back

  • AJ YOUNG2k
    AJ YOUNG2k

    As soon you heard E V E it’s over

  • Jay Casino
    Jay Casino

    Before Nicki & Cardi was Eve, Missy, Queen Laifah & MC Lyte s/o to all them queens 👸🏾👸🏿👸🏽❤

  • Jarron. Jackson!!
    Jarron. Jackson!!

    Back when they was fat.

  • Shiloh Norman
    Shiloh Norman

    How many times I got to tell you, Silly Don't no corny shit come out of Philly And I'ma push it until the world feel me

  • rosean delph
    rosean delph

    Eve snapped in this bitch!

  • barber shop
    barber shop

    we going make it

  • Marvin Hagler
    Marvin Hagler


  • Gene Gakeem Avecillas Alvarez
    Gene Gakeem Avecillas Alvarez

    I Really Miss This Era Of Rap Music • 💯

    • Jay Dodd
      Jay Dodd

      Never again & it's sad to say. But the corny Shit these MoFos come out wit now folks love it, how IDK...

  • Ricardo Garza
    Ricardo Garza

    Listening in August 31 2020. We gon make it!

  • Joshua Rivers
    Joshua Rivers

    Young af when I heard this, living in the hood, barely eating, struggling alongside my mom. So and so years later.....passing law school is looking real good and my little bro is doing his thing in 3D Animation. "We gone make it".🤷🏽‍♂️👑💵🤷🏽‍♂️👑💵 #2Bros #BrosBeforeHoes

  • Esco El Chapo
    Esco El Chapo

    Sample anyone 👀

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    One of the best duo rap songs ever !!

  • TatWithaVisuals

    2021 🙏🏾 will be my year this the song I will play when I hit 1 mil on my channel

  • melzena mcmillan
    melzena mcmillan


  • Omegah TV
    Omegah TV

    Fire classic right here. I just always wondered, why Sheek was left off this track.

  • Nadia Yau
    Nadia Yau


  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee

    E.V.E. 🔥

  • Mario Jones
    Mario Jones

    This was my shit

  • Ricky Fontaine
    Ricky Fontaine

    I was thinking about the barz where they like my bath tub lift up my walls do a 360 we got the shit that the government got lol and how dope that was man... lol.. but then my whole mood changed when eve dropped her verse.. cause I thought about wap.. smh.. where is the eve’s she was bad asf didnt have to show ass or crawl around on the ground.. and them barz it wasnt my p***y this my p***y that.. im not even old but i feel like the saying “ they dont make um like that anymore” applies here...

  • Christopher Carby
    Christopher Carby

    These times hip hop....maaan...🔥

  • Cross Nations Mgt.
    Cross Nations Mgt.

    Samuel Jonathan Johnson sent me! #MusicRISE

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright

    Sample ~ Samuel J. Johnson - My Music

  • Do se
    Do se

    Lol damn New York is hard to beat with this rap shit 😂😂😂

  • C T Crump
    C T Crump

    🗽🗽🗽❤🖤💛💚 FACTS 💙🧡💜🧡

  • Rick

    who dislikes this? wtf

  • Steven Heightz
    Steven Heightz

    I forgot Luda,Baby, and Jalen Rose were in this video

  • sunny robinson
    sunny robinson

    "Hardest Dope Man line Eva" 🗣 Coke come in they gotta use scale that they weigh whales 🐳wit!! ♠️Still here 2020 Legendary Classic♠️

  • In MY Zone
    In MY Zone

    Here because of the Portland Vs. Brooklyn game today on August 13, 2020 played it during the game.

  • Trent Yates
    Trent Yates

    Its bad enough Prodigy died. But The day jada pass away, will be the day i won't listen to nobody but jada. Bc this dude is real hip hop.

  • Amos Joshua
    Amos Joshua

    I love me some Eve.

  • Patrick McMillian
    Patrick McMillian

    Holla back,John Gotti.

  • Naimah griffin
    Naimah griffin

    2020 theme song still...We gon make it!!!!!

  • Numeral Uno
    Numeral Uno

    This song is a classic PERIOD Kiss & Ghost from coast to coast it's nothing but respect D-Block! Wad up Sheek! ✌🏽

  • Numeral Uno
    Numeral Uno

    Eve suppose to be ahead of these females rappers still 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ian DePalmer
    Ian DePalmer

    Jadakiss the king of Verzuz

  • Tru_ Self
    Tru_ Self

    “E-V-E call it a bug in ur ear, u never kill. How many times I gotta tell you, silly? Don't no corny shit come outta Philly & imma push it til the 🌍 feel me!” We, Gon, Make, It!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#classic

  • No name
    No name

    Jadakiss fine af! Both of them ate really but besides looks keep this shit in my rotation daily.

  • Rant Radio
    Rant Radio

    How am I Only realising now, in 2020, that Ludacris was in the pool too lol

  • Starlin Peña
    Starlin Peña

    ay check this out back in 2012 i was in love with this chick at work and to make a long story short i finally got the courage to tell her how i felt so at work i was like "hey ma what time you get off work i wanna tell you something" she was like i get off at 5pm or what ever tf time she said and i was like "aight imma wait 4 u imma be outside in my car i'll see you then" so the time is passing by and i brush my teeth shower wear cologne the whole 9 i hop in my bum ass broke down hooptie 99 ford taurus with a missing windshield and more dents in it than a fat stripper's booty and head to work to "pick her up" i get there like 45 minutes early and shit im practicing what im gonna tell her and how im gonna tell her that i like her real smooth and shit my car so old it didnt even have a cd player in it but i was able to hook up the mp3 player through the speaker or what ever so im playing this smooth ass joe thomas rnb song "very special friend" and "i wanna know" ect ect but check this out as im playing the music i see time is passing by and 5pm is inching closer and closer i make my final mack daddy line preparations and its game time 5pm comes im scanning the parking lot like a hawk looking for a worm im not seeing her im thinking to myself "yeah she probably getting ready cuz i think she knows imma ask her out and shit" 515 gets here im not seeing her car im not seeing any signs of her but im like "yeah yeah she probably getting some food ( we worked at a supermarket she was a cashier i was a bagger) 535 gets here im lookin for this chick and im like shit " maybe she came out and i aint see her damn" all the time i got this smooth ass mack daddy rnb playing joe thomas after a while im like shit "maybe she still in the store" so i hop out the car "dressed to impress" i was like 22 making 7.99 an hour my "good clothes" were from good will or my grandad's 1945 world war 2 hand me downs i was wearing some "fly ass sneakers" in actuality they were some 1993 penny hardaways with holes in the middle any ways to make a long story even longer i go in the store and do like 3 or 4 laps "looking for my baby" i dont see her im getting ready to head out to the car "to wait for her some more cuz i know she around here she knows i have something very special to tell her" but then i see the next cashier ( we'll call him steven) and im like yo steven you see ole girl (lets call her alexandra) alexandra and this nigga tell me "oh yeah her shift ended like 4 hours ago she been gone my slow ass is still optimistic im like "oh yeah maybe they changed her shift halfway through" "or maybe she had to leave early due to some emergency" as i walk back to my car im like "where this bitch dun went?" "should i go looking for her" (i had no idea where the girl lived) then im like shit this bitch dun played my dumb ass she curved the shit outta me im hurt like a muuuuuuuuuuuufucka but im a "tough guy" (with fly ass gear and fly ass shoes) i aint trippin i hop in my car i turn on my car and i head back home this joe thomas smooth mack daddy slow jam song is still playing im like "let me play the next song" (im trying not to cry cuz in my mind im a rough neck gangsta) in my mind im like man fuck this joe smooth mackdaddy rnb shit the next song is JADAKISS WE GON MAKE IT im driving and im like "man i aint hurt, im good, i didnt even really like that girl anyway, man im gone make it im gon make it IM GON MAKE IT) I START CRYIN LIKE A LIL ASS BITCH TALKIN BOUT we gon make it we gon make WE GON MAKE IT nigga i was hurt i ffound out the bitch dun quit the same day so every time i hear this song i think about "alexandra" talkn bout we gon make it im lucky i made it home with all the tears in my punk ass eye that day

  • Tyler Sabo
    Tyler Sabo

    Jalen Rose at 3:03

  • Xavier Rainey
    Xavier Rainey

    Eve fine as shit

  • Levi

    1. Didn't notice or forgot that young Luda made a couple of cameos in this. 2. Jalen Rose made a cameo at the end. Hence all his love for Jada promoting the Freddie vs Jason album years later. 3. The chemistry is undeniable between Jada and Styles.

  • Francis Julien
    Francis Julien

    They all made it

  • A boogie Da hoodie
    A boogie Da hoodie

    2020 still vibing

  • chris kay
    chris kay

    you made kiss and p. biggie style and pac 2

  • Arinze Ede
    Arinze Ede

    Samuel Jonathan Johnson-My Music

  • heavyjr1

    "My bathtub lift up, my walls do a 360..."

  • Khalil Murray
    Khalil Murray


    • Khalil Murray
      Khalil Murray


  • duncan pinderhughes
    duncan pinderhughes

    2:57 white boy tryna catch the beat....damn lol

  • duncan pinderhughes
    duncan pinderhughes

    fiend in the cut!?

  • Villano Gaming
    Villano Gaming

    Uncle Al with that 🔥 like always

  • Mister G
    Mister G

    Is that Birdman in the middle at 0:55?

  • Eogh Eogh
    Eogh Eogh

    Shamar Micheal Myers Jadakiss beamon wvgc ymcmb swg August 8 1985

  • David cobb
    David cobb

    Eve destroyed this ain’t no corny shit come out of Philly

  • Antoine Stroman
    Antoine Stroman

    When producers were firing on all cylinders. And beats weren’t so monotonous.