Jadakiss - So High ft. Wiz Khalifa
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Music video by Jadakiss performing So High. (C) 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi


  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    On fire

  • Chyna Shaw
    Chyna Shaw


  • Jeremy Kelly
    Jeremy Kelly


  • clint Maxwell
    clint Maxwell

    Song is so dope I get goosebumps every time I hear it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mohit Dheer
    Mohit Dheer

    I'm so high, you can barely see me Do you know the feeling of being so high? Between love and hate it's a fine line So I stay parallel to the sky line THC levels is through the roof When you floating in the clouds you can view the truth Hush feel the rush from the altitude Look down on 'em see what they about to do So you already know what not to do That Moroccan hashish is like rocket fuel Yea sometimes it better not to see the ground Yea sometimes it better not to be around Always keep a couple dollars and a P around I might experience turbulence when I see the town The worlds under me I'm where the lightning and the thunder be 'Cause down there ain't no fun to me With that said I ain't going back I'm bout to blow a sack and I all know is that I'm so high I can't see the ground My life shines so bright can you see me now Ohh I'm so high I'm not coming down I won't fade away, this high's gonna stay I'm so high Rollin up, money can't folded up How you gonna say you cold as us Can't smoke enough Diamonds in my chain nah homie it ain't 14 karats Lil nigga that ain't gold enough Staying on top while these haters praying I stop and You niggas waiting on cars while I pull em strain out the lot You could catch me rolling up reefer, I stay on that pot And I'm always repping for my gang I know I say that a lot 'Cause I can remember the days before I got paid Me and my niggas was trying to make our way We getting on fuck what y'all say Made some millions and got niggas with me tryna do the same thing So I made moves bossed up in the game Ball hard don't get crossed up in the game Seen alotta dudes get loss up in the game That's why every time you see me I'm so high I can't see the ground My life shines so bright can you see me now Ohh I'm so high I'm not coming down I won't fade away, this high's gonna stay I'm so high High as the towers before they knocked them down Teflon like Gotti before they locked him down Word to the mollies niggas in poppin now But I'm just chillin just passing the pot around I'm so high I can't see the ground My life shines so bright can you see me now Ohh I'm so high I'm not coming down I won't fade away, this high's gonna stay I'm so high.

  • Johnnie Reed
    Johnnie Reed

    Jadakiss is a Legend 🔥

  • @Jay_Soul87

    2020 anyone?

    • M. M
      M. M

      Yup. I ain't going anywhere neither.

  • Lazo Swag
    Lazo Swag

    If you love real rap then there's no way you won't love Jada

  • Cornelius Griffin
    Cornelius Griffin

    2020 the world in a frenzy I'm just lighting up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • M. M
      M. M

      Pretty much yeah.

  • Sarah Mj Stauffer
    Sarah Mj Stauffer


  • lareina Pinckney
    lareina Pinckney

    So hard..love it..

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • James Clarke
    James Clarke

    this joint slaps in the shower

  • Jada Lusk
    Jada Lusk

    Love this song!

  • Jusbklyn79

    “High as the Towers before they knocked me down, Teflon like Gotti before they locked him down.”

  • Garry Jones
    Garry Jones

    Jada is the best rapper

  • Sir-Geo Patsin
    Sir-Geo Patsin

    Dude what a horrible album. Such a good raper but all these beats suck. Same with his last album. Jada is still one of the best regardless all these beats are garbage

  • Serenitee Patterson
    Serenitee Patterson

    my favorite song!!

  • Amar AL-Shabbot
    Amar AL-Shabbot

    Say, this song is made just right... makes you feel aome type of way when in a system bumping

  • Duraine Carr
    Duraine Carr

    This song hits home for me!!!💯❤️🔥

  • Michaell

    This track feels good chills ^^

  • Tremaine Belote
    Tremaine Belote

    You already know the truth dblock all day

  • J B
    J B

    Does anyone knnow the sample?

  • Rick _
    Rick _

    Call nyfd cuz there's a 👊🔥🔥

  • Sebastian Hagedorn
    Sebastian Hagedorn

    goooossseeee buuummmpppssss!

  • Mohamed Moknine
    Mohamed Moknine

    good song

  • Jermaine Dorn
    Jermaine Dorn

    The one that can fuck wit um are dead!!!!$$$ RIH PAC & last but not less B.I.G.

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones


  • Devonte harris
    Devonte harris

    he is real all i bump is him jadakiss

  • Rezin Henderson
    Rezin Henderson

    my shit

  • Rezin Henderson
    Rezin Henderson

    this song crack

  • Johnny_Glover30

    Alllways keep a couple dollas and the P around might experience turbulence when I see the town🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wake N Bake J
    Wake N Bake J

    beautiful track ..... for stoners only lol ...

    • TeeJay369

      AJ Singh pretty weird cause its a stoner track

    • AJ Singh
      AJ Singh

      Really? I'm listening to this buzzed on liquor and it sounds awesome.

  • Lotus Bomb
    Lotus Bomb

    i like wiz but i think jada had this alone. jada so powerful

  • shawn jones
    shawn jones


  • Poppa Love
    Poppa Love


  • western kings
    western kings

    Love from Cameroon Jada, Been feeling the block for long now. Hip hop is alive as long as nas, jada, Ghost live.

  • James Avalos
    James Avalos

    the worlds under me I’m where the lightning and the thunder be Cause down there ain't no fun to me. jadakiss you the man

    • Bob Jackson
      Bob Jackson

      Jada kiss is fire

  • Sam Rodgers
    Sam Rodgers

    L.O.X from day 1. I rock wit Wiz heavy. T.G.O.D

  • Lorenzo Robbins
    Lorenzo Robbins

    Jadakiss should have left out Wiz

    • Curtis Cutastrophe
      Curtis Cutastrophe

      Lorenzo Robbins hater. Wiz made this song a Masterpiece just as much as Jada. Mic drop"

    • Cameron Smith
      Cameron Smith


  • MGL 3000 Entertainment
    MGL 3000 Entertainment

    much respect to my fav rapper jadakiss love your work

  • Jerome Wright
    Jerome Wright

    jada been hot since 98 never laid a wack verse 💯💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    flames, fire, bomb nuclear

  • Mz. Tshaye Noel
    Mz. Tshaye Noel

    This song..Hell this cd is straight FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..Keeps it in the truck💨💨💨

  • Miitxhi MAINE
    Miitxhi MAINE

    Light up!

  • Rahiem Bradford
    Rahiem Bradford

    this shit smoking

  • woody j
    woody j

    jadakiss voice is nearly as gritty as CANIBUS now sick

  • Geoff Rayment
    Geoff Rayment

    My favourite tune on T5DOA and thankfully Khalifa hasn't ruined the song


    HEAT !!!!!! #TOP54EVER !!!!!!!


    HEAT !!!!!! #TOP54EVER !!!!!!!

  • Billy Jean
    Billy Jean

    nice my bf be playing it slot😄😨😅

  • Garry Jones
    Garry Jones

    who on the hook???????????????????????????????

    • LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS
      LeeLoe aka KING LEONIDAS

      john legend! HOPE THAT HELPS , Check out some of my content thatll be coming soon

    • Rommell Riggins
      Rommell Riggins

      Garry Jones that's a good question🤔

  • Garry Jones
    Garry Jones

    who on the hook please tell me it's fire smh

  • KP-48

    who the fuck is that annoying sound? was that wiz khalifa?

  • Garry Jones
    Garry Jones

    jadakiss that nigga fuck who think different skating shit

  • woolieize

    That fucking hook 🍁🔥🇯🇲

    • Garry Jones
      Garry Jones

      who is that?

  • Untouchable_Human

    fuck that track, love it. jada fucking legend.

  • Ambitious Brute
    Ambitious Brute

    Jada ft Big Sean...So High

  • Nevardo Pryce_1Dinero
    Nevardo Pryce_1Dinero

    the world's under me am where the lightening n the thunder be.. cold asf hard

  • Josh MkC
    Josh MkC

    gotta say no wiz verse has been good since kush and Oj but this song i dont know man.....

  • Michael Facey
    Michael Facey

    kiss and khalifa killed the collaboration!.

  • Zakaria Hysoka
    Zakaria Hysoka

    Shout out to all Moroccans who smoke the real hashish hahahaha Jadakiss i see you

  • #TimeIsMusic

    Listen to tim montega IM SO HIGH

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    lol they said hiphop is dead..

  • Malik Green-Ellison
    Malik Green-Ellison


  • Mazzaratti P
    Mazzaratti P

    im bout to roll up and blaze to this on repeat

  • Jay Kali
    Jay Kali

    I'm So Blowed

  • Kush#1 Super#TM
    Kush#1 Super#TM

    I'm So High

  • rickrock40

    dam this shit go hard af wiz collabs good with the OGs of hip hop like snoop and 50 cent!

  • Ali Bazz
    Ali Bazz

    did you know that this shit is fire?

  • Lil Clu
    Lil Clu

    That Jadakiss dude bumped the first verse but his voice ugly as hell.

  • Gerardo Rivas
    Gerardo Rivas

    I'm top 5 DOA

  • Wes G
    Wes G

    jadakiss top 5 words to live by...

  • 85jmurk

    Kiss never disappoints!! He needs to do a video to this, rain, confetti/Cutlass and man in the mirror

  • Mr. Morris
    Mr. Morris

    Peace and Blessings Kiss.

  • Keitra Nelson
    Keitra Nelson

    Im literally high this my jam tho

  • Dop Shoe
    Dop Shoe

    jada dnt need wiz on here he fuck up the bounce

  • Bond Family
    Bond Family

    Does anyone know who the singer is on this track?

    • Garry Jones
      Garry Jones

      I wanna know too

  • Lwando Madasi
    Lwando Madasi


  • jerin browder
    jerin browder

    somebody PLEEEEEEASE take away wiz khalifa's right to rap AWAY! neither his verse nor his voice goes with the song! STOP WIZ KHALIFA JUST STOP

  • wcd power bank
    wcd power bank

    old school still rule

  • Sheree Latham
    Sheree Latham

    This shyt is hot!!

    • Garry Jones
      Garry Jones

      a female loving dis u have good taste honey

  • Cell Block
    Cell Block

    Jadakiss is the best ever

  • Andrew Hylton
    Andrew Hylton

    u heard jason spit

  • Andrew Hylton
    Andrew Hylton

    u heard jason spit

  • Tatsu Roy
    Tatsu Roy

    People who diss new music and talk about them skinny jeans and trap shit u outdated there r a bunch of good new rappers

  • xUnleadedx

    Jadakiss has always been sick. Punch lines and lyrics on point.

  • Clayton Jones
    Clayton Jones

    Not ordinarily a fan of Wiz, but he fit here.

    • hiiipower iii
      hiiipower iii

      Wiz is an okay rapper. He's not wack but not a huge fan either

  • the real deal
    the real deal

    top 5!!!fuckin right!!!...I feel u stay high so u won't have to hear the bull shit!!!

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson

    Honestly Jada should've taken every verse here

    • Garry Jones
      Garry Jones

      Wiz garbage

    • Garry Jones
      Garry Jones

      Wiz suck for this one

    • PeepeePoopoo

      No jada didn't ruin it Whiz did

    • AJ Singh
      AJ Singh

      KP-48......idiot....Jada made the song. He didn't ruin it.

    • xUnleadedx

      +Liam Anderson Wiz ruined his song with the Weekend too.

  • Sky Walk
    Sky Walk

    JADA was way to advanced for wiz..even murked him with two bars(while laughing..wiz gets a c for having heart.

  • rawwdealavision

    IM SO HIGH auhhhhhhhh shoot

  • Alexis Acosta
    Alexis Acosta

    dam this shit is my song ... r.i.p carnal i luv u bobby boy

    • Fatty BoomBalaty
      Fatty BoomBalaty

      +zeokenX *watches through the window*

  • Anquette Waterman
    Anquette Waterman

    who let the dragon out y reach for a fire exstinguisher when u cant put the fire OUT! Yo this nigga sick year round way the doctor at he need to be on bed rest. Top five dead or alive

  • ThrulOne 88
    ThrulOne 88


  • ThrulOne 88
    ThrulOne 88

    fuck top 5 or top 10 Kiss Is The Best Period. We Talkin Number 1 #ATrueKissFan

  • Diana Cruz
    Diana Cruz

    Jada always spit that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Diana Cruz
      Diana Cruz

      Wth is that suppose to mean

  • Honeyy Dipp
    Honeyy Dipp

    This Shit Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zee Z
    Zee Z

    Moroccan hashish that rocket fuel