Jadakiss - Pearly Gates (Audio)
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Pearly Gates (Audio). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Mathew Roache
    Mathew Roache


  • Powderr

    Time to run this album up then I'm going to bump your first ever album

  • Min Morgan
    Min Morgan

    Oh yeah Jada priciate this!!! Ahea!

  • Cody Torbey
    Cody Torbey

    I share thoughts with my son he gotta alpha mind Long as he thinks out the box and stay out the lines He get a nice piece of change and a house of mines‼️💯🤞🏼

  • Cody Torbey
    Cody Torbey

    Never gets old. Hip hop forever ❤️💯‼️🤞🏼

  • Jesse Champ
    Jesse Champ

    This song helped change my life when I came home, now I’m clean , and taking care of the family , that’s all we can do, be there for the ones you love and maybe you will be laid to Rest In Peace..love from DC/west Bmore..pray in the name of the spirit at all times on every occasion..

  • Living the dream
    Living the dream

    Dude Jada is so underrated 🔥

  • Dominick Romero
    Dominick Romero

    Oh my lawd! Long live the Kiss Been a fan from my first 1st to the 15th session to becoming CEO of two companies 15 years later, clearing 160k and better annual, LEGIT. "The journey is for the chosen" shit made me tear Hustle

  • Bullet Beats
    Bullet Beats

    Top 20, not his fault

  • West Brito
    West Brito

    Jadakiss doido mano veio

  • Kee Dogg
    Kee Dogg

    Best favorite intro ever. RIP squirt,pops and all my niggas love ya

  • Deandre Massey
    Deandre Massey

    What you want and what you need is a different attraction 🔥

  • Alpha Beta Mula Patron
    Alpha Beta Mula Patron

    My guy was on another type time literally

  • NeoNitty

    Ice pick Jay forever 💪🏼

  • Fucius178 Fucius
    Fucius178 Fucius

    So nasty

  • Jaray Dunn
    Jaray Dunn

    This album is too good dont bless the world like this kiss hahahahahaha too good

  • Steve Adamo
    Steve Adamo

    Great way to start an album... dude is flawless

  • Shannon Reeves
    Shannon Reeves

    Salute Real..Mc's....since..Da..Beginning.....Keep..spittin...Dat...MontegaJada..

  • Laura Maresca
    Laura Maresca

    This is music ..period ..

  • Terri Cantrell
    Terri Cantrell

    I no whenever its ova from the fall i took i no u not going to give n to anything plus me being happy as we pray

  • lamont jackson
    lamont jackson

    Muble rap resistant

  • Roswell Ramseur
    Roswell Ramseur

    Kiss killed em with this1🔥

  • Francis Vahia music
    Francis Vahia music


  • Oshe Huzallah
    Oshe Huzallah

    Ur favorites Rappers favorite Rapper! 💯

  • Ryon Bachanlal
    Ryon Bachanlal

    Dude, I haven't listened to rap like this in what feels like such a long time.

  • Respect Is everything
    Respect Is everything


  • mecca love
    mecca love


  • Walter Clark
    Walter Clark

    The 🐐💪🏿❤💯🗣

  • Karl Kreig
    Karl Kreig


  • Marvellous G
    Marvellous G

    God is Great💯🙏🏿💯

  • Loran Ashley
    Loran Ashley

    Fire in a time when we see more forest fires than hot tracks

    • Lebron James
      Lebron James


  • Donovan


  • Patrice Khoufache
    Patrice Khoufache

    Jadakiss is back wow 😱😍

  • Zakrey Allen
    Zakrey Allen

    This is already a classic how many other mc been putting shit out this year with everything going on

  • Jay McDonald
    Jay McDonald


  • Dink 9582
    Dink 9582

    These kids could never replace my generations hip hop 80's 90s even early 00s. My man still got it!

  • #TheJermaineShow


  • Ariel Gershkovich
    Ariel Gershkovich

    Pearly Gates (Jadakiss) < Pearly Gates (Mobb Deep ft. 50)

  • Alex Gomez
    Alex Gomez

    Thank you jadakiss for releasing such an epic album. You deserve every credit you get and a true pioneer of the rap game

  • darionte taylor
    darionte taylor

    The Ogs still rapping circle around these new niggas. 💪🏾🙏🏾💯

  • Sophia Nichole
    Sophia Nichole

    I changed my life I became a cristian but this dude his a legend you dig

  • Young Draye
    Young Draye

    lord please let the instrumental to this be released!

  • Betty Victor
    Betty Victor

    "Before u pick up speed u gotta get traction"

  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman


  • P Williams
    P Williams

    To those who disliked WTF was you really looking for??? This Shit is Greatness

  • shag diesle
    shag diesle

    Kinda like the song " rain"

  • Baddawg 313
    Baddawg 313

    DAMN!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stephen Trotter
    Stephen Trotter

    Real rap aka hip hop fa sho 💯

  • Brother Man
    Brother Man


  • Byron Evans
    Byron Evans

    Always expect the best from this guy

  • Morgan_Fucking_Freeman

    Jeeze that "P" at 0:40 sounds like he's recording in a closet without a pop-filter on the mic.

  • Money Maker Tube
    Money Maker Tube

    This that smooth 🔥🔥🔥 Kiss, He always been hot #BIGFACTS, #PHILLY215 @moneymakerpresident on ig got bars and flows for millenniums 💯

  • Miss Tiff
    Miss Tiff

    Every word is on point

  • Miss Tiff
    Miss Tiff

    What you want and what you need is a different attraction.....


      Hell. Yes.

  • KeyAir


  • Chubby Boy
    Chubby Boy

    This album is crazy good.

  • Allen G.Medina
    Allen G.Medina

    This makes me think of my friend who passed in 2017.....RIP coach domingo. Boxlife beautiful memories we had city2city state2state

  • Miss Tiff
    Miss Tiff

    Pray in the spirit 🙏 at all times

    • Todd Smith
      Todd Smith

      @Miss Tiff When it says pray in the spirit? What exactly does it mean?

    • Miss Tiff
      Miss Tiff

      He only understand English 😂

    • Miss Tiff
      Miss Tiff

      When you Pray in the spirit 🙏😇 Satan is defeated remember that

  • Miss Tiff
    Miss Tiff

    I fuck with real shit the long way.. this that early morning meditation.. I love you Jadakiss. Keep it 💯


    Faith & Blessings



  • Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979
    Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979

    This hard my G! Kiss a monster, when it's real you can rock forever!

  • Owen Edwards Jr.
    Owen Edwards Jr.

    KISS!!!! Hands down top 5 dead or alive. They don’t have many rappers like this. He’s cut from special cloth. SPECIAL CLOTH ALERT!!

  • Daveon Dee
    Daveon Dee

    U kno it jadakiss cuz only he can sound like this

  • Nili Aka Nahnah Viarruel
    Nili Aka Nahnah Viarruel

    Yo put ya faukin hyands up! Real Music make u Bump hard!!!💯💗 Love my Kiss!!!! #Get #Away👏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Maine Armstead
    Maine Armstead

    Whoever disliked this wear skinny jeans and listen to Lil Yachty these bars are for grown men” what U want and what u need Is a different attraction it don’t matter long as ur getting ur back end”💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • J1hunnit_L4E

    Top 5 DOA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • frank ward
    frank ward


  • Laron Cole
    Laron Cole


  • Da MagnificentJay
    Da MagnificentJay

    Guy killed it for sure when he mentioned, "share thoughts with his son and has an alpha mind and once he stays out of the box" this is just something different.

    • frank ward
      frank ward


  • Desmond Clifton
    Desmond Clifton

    I share thoughts w/ MY SON,He gotta alpha mind

  • AbrahamIsaacAndJacob30

    this my fav track

  • leelee Youn
    leelee Youn

    Everyone in here better buy the album please..let's be real fans..get those album sales up !

  • Ross Taylor
    Ross Taylor

    Point Guard itsreal alpha mind control is keynote from strength growing stronger overcoming keep pushing daysmonthyear outcast independent to succeed trust yourself to conquer absolute nevertheless endlessly growing stronger overcoming keep pushing to stay breathing special specific ways patterns all face-to-face every ways

  • Trucker Dude
    Trucker Dude

    N A S T Y 🔊🔊🔊

  • Ty


  • gaming with losky
    gaming with losky


  • Kelsey Peterson
    Kelsey Peterson

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥, kiss you gonna get that grammy this year for that album.... Kp

  • Pats Good
    Pats Good

    *As great as Kiss is he's still underrated.*


    The Word of God 🙏

  • Anon Music
    Anon Music

    Think out of the box n stay out of the lines Eefffttt Before u build up speed U’ve got to get traction

  • RoseGoldRecs UK
    RoseGoldRecs UK

    Kiss still untouched, project is 🔥🔥

  • little Noah Williams syndrome awareness
    little Noah Williams syndrome awareness

    The vantage point of a Scholar The aim of knowing knowledge is power We are worth more then a dollar Let's awaken to a new day smell the flower Most react to the negative To grow is the initiative Put God first its imperative We are all connected its relative Which pill will you choose the red or the blue Know that the key to it all is within me and you Food for thought put God first in all you do In a city that rarely barely sleeps dreams come true Do today for tomorrow The blessings will follow Truth for most hard to swallow Prayers up for those in sorrow

  • clrkkdd12

    My favorite & the best since he dropped 💯👊🏽💪🏽

  • Elomino Pee
    Elomino Pee

    That hook is everything!


    Germany loves

  • 6 ward
    6 ward

    R.I.P. Slam I love you cuz

  • Jesse Mrq
    Jesse Mrq

    Yes he can get dumb with the bars but he's also straight forward. I can connect with that.

  • Nene Warren
    Nene Warren

    #RipValentine miss so much. Wish u could seem. Let go with jesus I know he take care of you

    • Harun S
      Harun S

      Nene Warren rip

  • Nene Warren
    Nene Warren

    This song touch my heart

  • Takaveli B The Tac-nician
    Takaveli B The Tac-nician

    Is it even a question that this man can rap his ass off

  • Knowledge

    Love your music Jadakiss, this keeps me going for it💯



    • ybpayme 93
      ybpayme 93


    • Harun S
      Harun S

      Cpl Current unfortunately the marketing to this wonderful piece of album is a little bit underrated


    This joint hit harder when you a Gemini

  • Bless 38
    Bless 38


  • Trapp Perry
    Trapp Perry

    Finally!!! Real lyrics,real rap,real shit

  • lakisha reardon
    lakisha reardon

    Now this is what NYC sounds like 💓💓💓💓 not that mumble ass shit

  • Zeeshan Beats
    Zeeshan Beats

    I can't be the only British teenager here??

  • Sane

    He's one of the best and for me he would be even better without religion showing in some of his lyrics.

  • Stacka Dollaz
    Stacka Dollaz

    Come on Kiss!! We needed tHe REAL sHit cuHz. ✊🏾✊🏾💯