Jadakiss - Pearly Gates (Lyric Video)
Music video by Jadakiss performing Pearly Gates (Lyric Video). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • g fam
    g fam

    I miss this kinda hip hop/rap/r&b/soul music thats why jadas top 5 for me!!🔥🔥🔥🎶🎧🎶🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • D-Tech

    They don't make 'em like this anymore "before you pick up speed you need traction"

  • Father Time
    Father Time

    To all the fallen soldiers that got gunned down in these streets Rest In Power Brothers....Ice Pick J I never met u but I know what u meant a lot to Jada so that makes u my brother too R.I.P.KING!!

  • alondra diaz
    alondra diaz

    Yes Sirrrr if y'all like this kind of music, I recommend Hype, new artist, but I think he's going somewhere Check out his newest song if ur interested: algone.info/slow/video/f2rErqSOaoiX1mw

  • 360 Degrees
    360 Degrees

    This man is by far the most undisputed in #Hip-Hop #history - doubt it? Please gimme 1 wack verse he ever spit? I'll wait. #JadaKiss

  • Sune Youwonder
    Sune Youwonder

    🔥FUEGO PANAS 🔥 Visuals ya killed it Great job!

  • y jamou
    y jamou

    he deserves to be the number one 👍

  • Jabari Vaughn
    Jabari Vaughn

    Morning music 💎

  • World Star
    World Star


  • Mandla Kei
    Mandla Kei

    damn....bars 🔥

  • vernon bowmon
    vernon bowmon

    Smart Time black people u better listen

  • Neil Folk
    Neil Folk

    Yo how did you write still feel me...how you write at all...you know how to captivate words into feelings with a twist of soul and exponential knowledge.

  • realdeal139


  • Xey 2020 Beatz
    Xey 2020 Beatz


  • Marika Lyons
    Marika Lyons

    Dried up like a raisin inna sun dese days uh bum isda bomb

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • E C
    E C

    Jesus is Lord!!!

  • Forbes Fresh
    Forbes Fresh

    Wtf 🤦🏽‍♂️😪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • IT’SYaBoiCJ !
    IT’SYaBoiCJ !

    Yo this nigga a bop 💯🔥🎵

  • Zeusy seth
    Zeusy seth

    Amazing content as always Keep up all the great work G.O.D 🐐 ✡️ 🐇

  • Moe Reala083
    Moe Reala083


  • Ibrahim K Kouyate
    Ibrahim K Kouyate

    BarsKiss need that dynamic beat and production support, why dont they see him.. .

  • D RoSs
    D RoSs

    Every WORD 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez

    Always remember that this man was on notorious Big Squad back in da 90s. The lox period the last of the mohicans..Pure Hip Hop

  • AK47 DaGunSmoke
    AK47 DaGunSmoke

    This dat GASSSS

  • chassidy akbar
    chassidy akbar

    Pray n the spirit and for all occasions amen 🙏 to that much respect ✊ I been on that jada you the man for that that’s the only way but our people have strayed away from that the fact that remain to our people living and dying there’s only one way to seek god in a spiritual way you are on 🔥

  • Wookash1111

    Did Jada mention Poland in his lyrics? God damn :o We LOVE LOX IN POLAND

  • Sapphire Heart
    Sapphire Heart

    They gonna hate on it cause he spitting that real live suckered free shit!!! Salute to General!

  • Mthunzi MHLONGO
    Mthunzi MHLONGO

    Schoolboy Q

  • Mac Wright
    Mac Wright

    Jadakiss or Jay z??? Lyrics people!! AND PLEASE Dont mention no money shit ..annnnd Go

  • Kalimah S.B.I. Ceo
    Kalimah S.B.I. Ceo

    Love your lyrics! #top5..Never disappointedoint💋 muaaah😘

  • El Pereira
    El Pereira


  • dj don bentley
    dj don bentley

    Your a true inspiration to so many Jada. Much respect .

  • Nu-Unique Choice
    Nu-Unique Choice


  • lg dash apt
    lg dash apt


  • Jalen Rivers
    Jalen Rivers

    Never hurd a wack verse put her in a black Hearse

  • Andre Harris
    Andre Harris

    This is 🔥

  • JasonTheMagnificent2.0

    My favorite Hip-Hop album this year

  • Matthew Rideout
    Matthew Rideout

    Idk but something about adding a little scripture at the end of a great song just makes it that much better !!!!! God Bless !!! Keep on pushing !

  • Kevin Lovely
    Kevin Lovely

    Never heard a bad verse ever never ever seriously from kiss fr fr top 5 hands down no debating

  • Frank-Lafou Falemaka
    Frank-Lafou Falemaka

    "Why do 85% of rappers lie in they rhymes" I thank jaddakiss for straight facts. That's why he's in my top ten.


    From brazil. speak to me monster of rap!

  • السلام عليكم
    السلام عليكم


  • Game God
    Game God

    Jada kiss got them life bars style p got them real grimy bars and sheek bring the life to it D block

  • Game God
    Game God

    This dude is God of the game

  • Mister G
    Mister G

    Deep song

  • Ace 40 cal
    Ace 40 cal

    Sub yo

  • doucey1992


  • fivefortyeye540i A
    fivefortyeye540i A


  • Leo

    Top Five lyrically of All time...

  • Mr HALL
    Mr HALL

    One of the best song's ever....pay attention

  • Spencer Davis
    Spencer Davis

    He said it right on Gods word! JHeez

  • J.Manuel Ordońez
    J.Manuel Ordońez


  • Lorenzo Brasco
    Lorenzo Brasco


  • IIP Pesante
    IIP Pesante

    🔥🔥 NYC🗽🙌

  • Gold Aqua
    Gold Aqua


  • Krunoslav Blašković
    Krunoslav Blašković


  • Jonathan Montoya
    Jonathan Montoya

    Please God let the Lox live another lifetime so the streets and especially Hip-Hop can keep getting these classics 🙏🏽

  • Born King
    Born King


  • Welton Wright
    Welton Wright

    Another meal.then i ate and I was grateful to be grateful.

  • Lupe Loera
    Lupe Loera

    Salute from Oak cliff tx Jadakiss legend in my book

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    Shit hard

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Thinking bout my pop's on this jam thanks Jada needed this one...🤟🏾

  • No Name
    No Name

    57 dislikes from Mumble rappers

  • Antonio Dunn
    Antonio Dunn

    He put in some heavy work on that track!🔥🔥🔥

  • Calvin Mitchell
    Calvin Mitchell

    I felt this.

  • fuzzy Wuzzy
    fuzzy Wuzzy

    Before I listen let me give this a thumbs up... Already know it's gonna be 🔥

  • LORENZO jus_L
    LORENZO jus_L

    The veterans still got it💯

  • KingofGrace

    "What you need and what you want is a different attraction"- profound.

  • London Stackhouse
    London Stackhouse

    Summer 2020$💥💥💥 Jadakiss greatest ever

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W

    Man jada on these type of beats... mr never had a wack verse. It’s that hustle, big dreams type of music. FOCUSED!

  • Keno Savage_TX
    Keno Savage_TX

    Jadakiss isn’t even relevant anymore

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta

    another classic

  • Darric Myers
    Darric Myers

    Real gs spit real shit realtalk

  • No Top Teeth
    No Top Teeth

    Love kiss but this album didn't grab my attention.

  • Original Man
    Original Man

    Best album of the year And also the greatest production he had compared to all of his other solos !

  • josh culver
    josh culver


  • Noszair Jones
    Noszair Jones

    Jay z vibes on the best cant get the song

  • Moroccan Boy
    Moroccan Boy

    That apostle paul trash was garbage...Paul was a satanist that changed the original message of God and divided into the trinity, a concept which isnt even in the bible. Dope song but that part was trash made a hot song get too evangelical.

  • BK Banks
    BK Banks

    Jada never disappoints

  • Obadiah Danyels
    Obadiah Danyels

    Love this truth jadakiss Keep the fire blazing More of this music is what the world needs Pple need to awaken GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHER KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MUCH LOVE

  • Raphs Wonders
    Raphs Wonders

    The best.

  • The Art of facts: The Black Experience
    The Art of facts: The Black Experience

    Jada you impeccable my brother


    This is life

  • IronLyanZion

    This is what real men do. What real homies do when u gone they uplift your family in your absence 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏾

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • Trill104

    This video got lyrics wrong...


    Top 5 Dead or Alive #HeAintNumber5

  • Oct Man
    Oct Man

    3 mics 🎤 🎤🎤

  • roderick anderson
    roderick anderson

    Classic flow what hip hop needs right now

  • T1C3 SODMG
    T1C3 SODMG

    Inspiration to conscious rappers world wide, thank you

  • Golden Starling
    Golden Starling

    Much respect from Poland. Peace.

  • Dayron Bennett
    Dayron Bennett


  • Michael McKenzie
    Michael McKenzie

    Nice ending!

  • who919

    The raspy voice brother spitting fire

  • P. Ness
    P. Ness

    Whoa 🔥

  • dynamic


  • Uonlylive Once
    Uonlylive Once


  • DaGodMoove F.A.M.
    DaGodMoove F.A.M.


  • Brandon Posey
    Brandon Posey


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