Jadakiss - (NYB) Need Your Best (Audio) ft. Ty Dolla $ign
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Music video by Jadakiss performing (NYB) Need Your Best (Audio). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Lizzy Ocean
    Lizzy Ocean

    THIS IS SO FIRE....OMG...I LUV IT.....

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White

    Grown man talk

  • Trent. Prince
    Trent. Prince

    Great album for 2020 that should of been nominated no questions asked.

  • Max Dawson
    Max Dawson

    Man kiss got that come back 🔥!!!!!

  • Charles Michael Segovia
    Charles Michael Segovia

    Yes sir in definitely I will be at my desk cuz God is good and I love you all for this this is the most amazing day ever thank you you are that believe in the in the music industry and life is good thank you Jadakiss and everyone out there

  • Valencia Xoxo
    Valencia Xoxo

    I love it 🥰

  • Alvin Rosa
    Alvin Rosa

    This is that Summer Time Hop out the Shower Feelin Fresh Den MF...Love this Jada and Ty cut👍👍

  • RnBCutz

    One of the best songs from the album sounds something from the early 2000s

  • Sølø Ysavo
    Sølø Ysavo

    Here before 1mill views

  • Flyzel Washington
    Flyzel Washington

    This a hit! This is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • Jetanium

    I’m so glad Yung Berg found success as a producer and shed the “cornball” label he had put on him.

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen

    Grown folks music 🎶

  • Merrin Thomas
    Merrin Thomas

    Hitmaka always got something smoothing and nostalgic to give us

  • KoziGotBeatz

    larry feature woulda been fire🔥

  • Boss Moves
    Boss Moves

    Best song of 2020

  • Brenda Holland
    Brenda Holland


  • Checox27 !
    Checox27 !

    I never knew TY sings like that

  • Jc Anderson
    Jc Anderson

    New album 🔥 af 👌

  • Cedrick Cunningham
    Cedrick Cunningham

    Breezy would be great on a remix but this shit too🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Munira McDaniels
    Munira McDaniels

    On repeat for the last hour.

  • LetTheMusic Speak!
    LetTheMusic Speak!

    Jadakiss alwyays giving it his best , thank you 🐐

  • Koldd Gee
    Koldd Gee

    Who got kiss in his feelings



  • Lerenzo Roberts
    Lerenzo Roberts

    This record should be played on every station atleast 10 times a day great fucking song an music #jada

  • Ava Gillespie
    Ava Gillespie

    He kisses that one !!! this is his best!

  • lunarninja24

    No complaints, just straight realness from IGNATIUS

  • Kela

    The Verzuz Battle aganist Fabolous brought me here!!

  • Tank Johnson
    Tank Johnson

    Last 20 seconds makes the custom enclosures worth it.

  • stuffela

    Nah!! In that Kiss voice..

    • stuffela

      Complimented by that voice enchanting voice TY DOLLA!!

  • joel Duarte
    joel Duarte

    This need a video asap

  • Riqayyah McKinney
    Riqayyah McKinney

    My ears have been BLESSED!!!

  • Inmylaneforever Bouie
    Inmylaneforever Bouie

    This need to be a video classic already I fuck wit it 🔥

  • narv03

    That vibe at the end....

  • Reyna Vilato
    Reyna Vilato

    You trynna snatch my soul , me I'm trynna damage you

  • YaBoyKels1

    Thank you Jadakiss and Ty $, this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and very relatable

  • Angela Bessard
    Angela Bessard

    Jada never disappoints

  • Hip-Hop In Da Basement
    Hip-Hop In Da Basement

    Versus brought me here!!

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith


  • HighTimes 4200
    HighTimes 4200

    💯 %Certified Fire 🔥!!!! Played this Joint 10x in a Row!! RO😎🤙🏾

  • Jeanine Wilson
    Jeanine Wilson


  • Abderahman Mire
    Abderahman Mire

    The world w the video music of this song for life bro 👑

  • Son Zhu
    Son Zhu

    Verzuz brought me here

  • Abs Bello
    Abs Bello

    My Nigga is all the way back with this one💯💯💫

  • Lance M.
    Lance M.

    Lol it should be a rule that Ty Dolla $ign is on at least one song of every Hip-Hop, and RnB/Soul album that drops

  • milli m.
    milli m.

    Vs brought me here 💪🏾💪🏾😂😂

  • TitanDavis Mommy
    TitanDavis Mommy

    Came here after Versuz‼️‼️‼️ 💃🏾💃🏾

  • Thomas Karau
    Thomas Karau

    That vs battle brought me here

  • Eazeale Collins
    Eazeale Collins


  • shah ridzuan
    shah ridzuan

    This is rap🎤... Not the other rap

  • Princess Evans
    Princess Evans

    Best album in 10 years plus,old school r and b

  • Williathe Narcisse
    Williathe Narcisse

    This CD should got a award

  • mikemadmusic

    Mike Mad GA was here!!! algone.info/slow/video/iHq93JeoiomrmYk

  • Andre King
    Andre King

    This is my NEW Summer Anthem right here. Jada you got a KILLAH with this one and Ty Dollar, nuff respect on the hook

  • just me
    just me

    I been rocking with this man since i was a teen..im 42 now..top 5 dead or alive no questions

  • Gonzalez Nothing
    Gonzalez Nothing

    You need a video kiss

  • Immanuel English
    Immanuel English

    🔥🔥🔥 Compete fire

  • conservative life style
    conservative life style

    Ahh what a breath of fresh air... This feel takes me back to the high school days listen to the old jada. 💯

  • Jackie Wilushewski
    Jackie Wilushewski

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Love it

  • Choppa BDN
    Choppa BDN


  • D’s Dahncen
    D’s Dahncen

    Auto tune used best when on real music with real lyrics who agrees

  • #TheJermaineShow


  • Dassa Fack
    Dassa Fack

    Man Jada this song gives me the chills! Such a vibe we can listen to with our men while enjoying each other! This is a hit with Ty on the hook! Now let’s get this video out here with the 90z vibes son! 🤘🏽❤️😩

  • Brunn

    Damn this album has got bangers 🔥🔥🥇🥇🚀😤👑🏁💎🐐

  • Ashley Washington
    Ashley Washington


  • Da Dondotta
    Da Dondotta

    Another Classic 💯

  • Ruth Parker
    Ruth Parker


  • Tara Fair
    Tara Fair

    My joint right here! Forever a Jadakiss fan!

  • Atiya S
    Atiya S

    This song been on repeat 🔥

  • Amin Sturges
    Amin Sturges


  • Andy Akil
    Andy Akil

    I have to say...this is fuego!! Me encanta this joint.

  • Hyena WitRabies
    Hyena WitRabies

    Everybody got somebody, even if u dont know it, spirits share the same pain and joy

  • super M
    super M

    This is that gotta go get it vibe ..stay focus !level up!

  • Queen C
    Queen C


  • ira shepherd
    ira shepherd

    2 of my top four favorite artist got a banger

  • Daniel Curry
    Daniel Curry

    I like this junt

  • Lightning Black
    Lightning Black

    Jada Top 5 🐐

  • Power100

    Berg & Dolla $ meets D-Block/So Rapsy!!!!!

  • Ashley W.
    Ashley W.


  • Lorenzo Tirado
    Lorenzo Tirado

    Best song in the album 💯💯🔥

  • Jeffery Kincey
    Jeffery Kincey


  • King Mo
    King Mo


  • Kay Horizon
    Kay Horizon

    Jada so underrated he’s ☝🏽 of the greatest

  • Andrew Alger
    Andrew Alger

    This it! It's another one from kiss 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • hollywood Alias b.k.a.
    hollywood Alias b.k.a.


  • hollywood Alias b.k.a.
    hollywood Alias b.k.a.

    _ @SIRI

    • hollywood Alias b.k.a.
      hollywood Alias b.k.a.


  • Justinvision3

    My girl don’t listen to rap but she likes this song! 🔥

    • eboney Oliver
      eboney Oliver


  • Mizal a Dankerboy
    Mizal a Dankerboy

    Straight fire og I've listened to u since warlocks you the goat bro this is by far one of your most authentic joints you been in the game 25 plus and your still evolving beautiful thing to see this might be your number 1 on repeat u gonna fuck the summer up wit this one 💯👌🤙👍💪

  • Jamray DavaOmaha
    Jamray DavaOmaha


  • Chris2mubas

    LYRICS. Right now sounds (Hitmaka) Hol' up Need your best (yeah) Don't make me say it anymore (no) Don't wanna play anymore (no) Don't wanna say anymore (uh-uh) I just need your best (yeah) Don't make me say it anymore (no) Don't wanna play anymore (no) Don't wanna say anymore (uh-uh) I just Need you on your A-game, that Chanel shit Wash and set, manicure with the gel tips Mean complexion, light-skin, caramel mix Got me lickin' my lips, that Uncle L shit On everythin', that's how stunnin' she look Mean heels on, thirty-five-hundred a foot They all surprised like, "Damn, he ain't come with the crooks?" I think tonight is definitely gon' be one for the books, baby, I Need your best (ow) Don't make me say it anymore Don't wanna play anymore Don't wanna say anymore I just need your best Don't make me say it anymore (no) Don't wanna play anymore (no) Don't wanna say anymore (uh-uh) I just Wanna look at you, do the dishes in boyshorts I'm in the crib all day, screw what the boys thought You be the vegetable rice, I be the soy sauce Alexa, play somethin' loud to knock the noise off Go at it like animals, so hot that it's flammable You tryna snatch my soul and you know I'm tryna damage you Yeah, turn around, catch your breath And I pray to God you got somethin' left, 'cause really, baby, I Need your best (ow) Don't make me say it anymore Don't wanna play anymore (no) Don't wanna say anymore I just need your best Don't make me say it anymore (no) Don't wanna play anymore (no) Don't wanna say anymore (uh-uh) I just Gave you what you asked for All I ask for you, in my Lambo' If it's just cool, I can't stand for it (stand) Tryna be more than just the man for you I know we (I know we) Should be on the beach (should be on the beach) Should be trackin' sand Right back to the sheets (right back to the sheets) Treat my penthouse like a walk-through (walk-through) Ooh, you didn't see me, but I saw you I need your best Don't make me say it anymore Don't wanna play anymore Don't wanna say anymore I just need your best Don't make me say it anymore Don't wanna play anymore Don't wanna say anymore I just

  • Stanley McBride
    Stanley McBride

    Tell em kiss

  • Grooz

    Omg did Jadakiss activate anyone else's Alexa? Lol

  • Nena Walker
    Nena Walker

    Bring this BUILLSII music back KING

  • Wattz & Learn
    Wattz & Learn

    That hook though...

  • Tammy Lewis
    Tammy Lewis

    I love this😘😘

  • just me
    just me

    Need your best

  • jasmine Williams
    jasmine Williams

    Mr Jada we love you 🥇🏆🥊🎯

  • Undergodwaiting Havemercyonus
    Undergodwaiting Havemercyonus

    I hate the east music but this jada kiss is top grade elite anywhere in world

  • Ladybug Black
    Ladybug Black

    Come thru Jadakiss Babae✅🖤💪🏾💯🔥