Jadakiss - ME: Short Film
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Official video out 10/25!
ME: Short Film directed by Kid Art, featuring Peter Greene & Hassan Johnson.
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Music video by Jadakiss performing ME: Short Film. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Montrego Thompson
    Montrego Thompson


  • Trey Slaton
    Trey Slaton

    That looked like alpo n the beginning of his video

  • Ishmael Thomas
    Ishmael Thomas

    If it's a full movie joint, then you got my dollars! That scene reminds me of the restaurant in HEAT - Classic!!!

  • Now What?
    Now What?

    The Belly flip

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    See this right here.... This me 🎬🎬

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    U love u ja

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    وبكرة انا يا افرح وسط اهلى يا حروح افرح وسط اهلى برضو بس انتو الاقرب

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    انا ربع ساعه يا هبه لو ملاقتكيش حنام

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    Many tnx all

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    U the lox dmx and bluck Im not good when write Long time didnt use

  • ronald riley
    ronald riley

    wow !! this is fire

  • Myrick313

    Man they killed that sample.

  • Reginald Lingard
    Reginald Lingard

    sooooooo fukkin dope!!!!,

  • Thomas Anthony
    Thomas Anthony

    I’ve prob watched this 20x 🐐🐐🐐

  • gideon troutlake
    gideon troutlake

    Jada kiss reminds me of independent soilders Denzel Washington ! *****

  • blacktruthtelevision

    This Video is Now Playing @Blacktruth.net

  • Khalil Murray
    Khalil Murray


    • Khalil Murray
      Khalil Murray


  • tblessed313

    Whoever Sis was on the original version, minus Peabo Bryson, deserve a S/O

  • deno watt
    deno watt

    jada tha living legend 👑 top 5 dead or alive 💯 this was magnificent locker piece.. got me locked in fam, can we have a sequel

  • deno watt
    deno watt

    jada tha living legend 👑 top 5 dead or alive 💯 this was magnificent locker piece.. got me locked in fam, can we have a sequel

  • Themonster

    Damn be jadakiss should make a movie

  • Carmen Nikoll
    Carmen Nikoll

    🎥💍💎🔫☠️Peter ❤️👍

  • Abdul Aden
    Abdul Aden

    I remember that white dude from the movie blue streak lol

  • martil hooper
    martil hooper

    Bruh,dis shiiii is dope!!! Cant believe I just found dis!!! Wish I was a complete feature film damn.

  • iamyevon

    This was DOPE AF!!!!!

  • CaerusMultimedia

    I need this to be a full length movie, had me leaning into it the whole time. Dope cinematography

  • Keisha Daws
    Keisha Daws

    On 🔥

  • brahmin21

    just what I man needed to hear ....or should I say feel.......niggaa' sss back with the real deal !!!

  • BlackLadyDiana

    No this shouldn't be made into full film.

  • bfears

    *insert Jadakiss laugh*

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson

    Gangsta shit!!!!!

  • craig massey
    craig massey

    How come no movie producer handed Jadakiss a movie script?he has charisma and his raspy voice is unique yet captivating.

  • Brian Love-El
    Brian Love-El


  • fair is fair
    fair is fair

    Marlon Brando?

  • EL

    that dude should play JOE GALLO

  • Anthony Dillard Jr
    Anthony Dillard Jr

    All these years and still no hair on his face, maybe he is a clone...

  • Travis Archibald
    Travis Archibald


  • Junglist Maroon
    Junglist Maroon

    It’s not lord ah mercy ....it’s nah noh mercy😎ask bounty killer

  • Priest Brooklyn
    Priest Brooklyn

    The game is dirty 🙏🏿

  • Robb Poirier
    Robb Poirier

    Didn't hear the Lox on the album? I know y'all dropping soon

  • Color Print
    Color Print

    Martin Scorsese take a Seat

  • GULLY Keys
    GULLY Keys

    Cant stop watching this they need to make this into a full movie


    NYC says thank you

  • E. J.
    E. J.

    this shit was good

  • UptownzFines1


  • Doin Thangz
    Doin Thangz

    2nd II None, Baby... #TaylorMaidGroup


    Dis shit cold af wish styles p n sheek was in it pushin wigs back too good shit make more ASAP

  • Wise Nyse
    Wise Nyse

    This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Young Juju
    Young Juju


  • Yeeza TV
    Yeeza TV

    Before Uncut GEMS !!

  • Mike Chapman
    Mike Chapman

    He was only the driver...

  • Damien Knox
    Damien Knox

    The label def jam will promote this for shit this the hottest out

  • Art Adams
    Art Adams



    I don't even have to listen or watch to know its gonna be Fire if Jada's in it. Dope Short Film and Record 🔥🔥

  • Sport Camera
    Sport Camera

    Absolutely horrible.

  • Me Most known unknown
    Me Most known unknown

    Good that fam, do more

  • markus wayne
    markus wayne

    Wtf Jada that shit was solid u just cut off the joint like that yo. Shit keep it coming shit was fucking art💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Al Price
    Al Price

    Awww Man my boy Jada is still the truth!!!! Back with another BANGER !!!!!!

  • Alloyd Aleph
    Alloyd Aleph

    He been watching too much POWER

  • Damien H.
    Damien H.

    Damn good joint...where is the full movie

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Server: Our soup of the day is... Caesar: Water Server:... Ceasar:... Server: Who's man's is this?

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Soon as white bread would've asked me would I like a woman's ring Ida called security 🚨 like he tripping

  • Cee TV
    Cee TV


  • Big Lah
    Big Lah

    I luv it

  • scarbough34

    Hardest shit of the 21st century, impeccable body of work

  • Matthew Hatch
    Matthew Hatch

    Dope. Need to make a movie with the whole LOX

  • Arrione Miller
    Arrione Miller

    Ice pick should have told you there's no honor among thieves

  • Red Alert
    Red Alert

    Tha waz wild

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Homeboy: I'm taking half. Kiss: What are you smoking fam'?

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    But you always do that tho....

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Word to that jacket 🧥 Kiss rocking tho damn

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    That intro is life. Word life b. #peabobryson


    Jadakiss if you ever read this you need to listen to x raided song superpredator. Hes got your name in the hook. You need to jump on the track with him. Hes a real one. Would be dope hearing both of you going back to back on a verse.

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Catch me in JA... Laaahd a mercy

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    You see this right here.... This me.

  • Practical Fitness
    Practical Fitness

    Bro don't risk yo life over this... Where they at 💎?

  • MefDinero

    straight 🔥🔥🔥 Kiss

  • Toni Y. Dameron
    Toni Y. Dameron

    Loyalty ...ME . Make this a Full Movie... Brilliant.

  • Marvin Murphy
    Marvin Murphy

    Dis shit hard af Kiss 🧨

  • Williejr71 Williams
    Williejr71 Williams

    Excellent movie!!!!

  • frankpaul3204

    This could’ve been developed into a movie.

  • Demetrick Caldwell
    Demetrick Caldwell

    Hit "Like" if you think this shouldve definitely been a full movie!

  • grandkokise

    One of the top 5 D o A back at it again I see

  • melquan Clay
    melquan Clay

    Jada got the dude from pulp fiction

  • Keith Worthy
    Keith Worthy

    That jacket Kiss had on was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Quago

    Is the white guy that same one who plays as Logan in blue streak?

  • Riche Uncle
    Riche Uncle

    Omg! You got Peter Greene for this!!!!! Kid Art is the god!!!

  • Smok Biggarton
    Smok Biggarton

    This was dope..cinematic

  • SRF Hamid
    SRF Hamid

    Fam what movie are they copying? Its killing me that i cant remember

  • Jasani Jacobs
    Jasani Jacobs

    fucking beautiful

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    This was like dat.. it should have been a full length fr


    KID ART IS THE G.O.A.T 🔥🙏🏿

  • Sean Anthony
    Sean Anthony

    As soon as JADA said " You gotta relax " I thought of N.O.R.E. DRINK CHAMPS🍺🍻🥂🥃🍷🍸🍾🍹

  • Beats By Big War
    Beats By Big War

    FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    Kidart is ready for hollywood.

  • Cush Cush
    Cush Cush

    I must have missed something where is the release date? This must be going straight to netflix After Power with 50 cent Me with Jadakiss

  • RGina Tatiana
    RGina Tatiana

    Happy Holidays! share.tap2earn.co/LiveLife2020

  • Kane WORLD
    Kane WORLD

    🗣Jadakiss is movie ready 💪

  • Micha Welch
    Micha Welch

    Yo. This goes so freakin hard. He's definitely one of the best ever.

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas
    Auset McChristion-Thomas