Jadakiss - ME (Live Session | Vevo Ctrl)
Jadakiss - ME (Studio Performance)
"Now let's go...As soon as they hear the voice and the flow, they know..." Jada's right. From the mid-90s roots with the Lox to his solo victories through the 2000s, the NYC OG has sculpted an instantly identifiable sound with both that gravel-strewn vocal approach and an attack that can only be deemed vicious. He's rolled with Mariah, was signed by JAY-Z, and got spooky with Fabulous. With his new 'Ignatius' album on its way, it was def time to get the East Coast hero into our Ctrl studios. Watch him clocking bars on "Me" and "By Your Side," and you know exactly why he was born to have a mic in front of him.
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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Kyle Goldberg
Producer: Sacha Noelle
Assistant Camera: Bram VanderMark
Director of Photography: Calvin Falk
Editor: Ramy Elsokary
Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree
Music video by Jadakiss performing ME (Live Session | Vevo Ctrl). © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

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  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price


  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price


  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

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  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

    Jhonruiz David Morales Familia Dnicerap

  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

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  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price


  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

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  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

    Dnicerap David Morales jhonruiz Familia life style

  • Alanda Price
    Alanda Price

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    Alanda Price

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    Alanda Price

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    Alanda Price

    The two Golden Boys Tito and the destiny jhonruiz Familia my time is precious what we waiting on time is precious temperature rising to the 3rd degree man Lego life change you already know

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    Alanda Price

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    Alanda Price

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    Alanda Price

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  • Dee Sampling Again
    Dee Sampling Again

    Who else got this on repeat besides.....MEEEEEEEEEEEEE


    Realest song in my gym playlist right now

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  • Me My Lady and the Dogs
    Me My Lady and the Dogs

    He jamming at the end tho....

  • Rashad Collins
    Rashad Collins

    One of my favorite jadakiss songs

  • Alex Almanza
    Alex Almanza

    Strett a fuego🌆🌃

  • Chyna Shaw
    Chyna Shaw


  • neo rakgajane
    neo rakgajane

    Jada always sounds like he's reading you the hiphop manual to life.

  • Billy Rodriguez
    Billy Rodriguez


  • Myrick313

    They killed that sample.

  • Phumlani Mtshali
    Phumlani Mtshali

    Fred: Jada is top 5. I agree

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  • Shannon Grant
    Shannon Grant

    I been a fan since the 90's

  • Anthony Lambert
    Anthony Lambert

    Source of the wards I give you a ward

  • Anthony Lambert
    Anthony Lambert

    bring back Niki take him to Disney see the stars in the skies that they use on the ground see you see what we smoke we smoke weed but it all started loss through the back of knees sit back and relax and crump did green trees

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  • dev Bobareno
    dev Bobareno

    This s*** is hot right here good-looking Jada.

  • Joe Engel
    Joe Engel

    Ja in the Js wins I think


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ENOUGH SAID!!!

  • gimel blackwell
    gimel blackwell

    That's the real money dance





  • nizzotheartist

    THE GOAT !

  • Nisu [TGG]
    Nisu [TGG]

    Daym this is one nigga that never disappoints...

  • King JJ
    King JJ

    This is the hottest song ever 1 reason why cuz everybody feels like this. I be in my car looking like I'm crazy when I play this. And I have to hear it like 10 times. #PlayThisWhenYouMad2020

  • Manuel Araujo
    Manuel Araujo

    Real nigga Dope❤️



  • J H
    J H

    This is talent!

  • Manuel Araujo
    Manuel Araujo

    Real OG for life I love men


    What they talking bet me who they talking bwt

  • Giancarlo Garibaldi
    Giancarlo Garibaldi

    Can you imagine the vibe in the studio while he was recording this?????

  • BoY HoNcHo
    BoY HoNcHo

    Love it

  • Kiari Dunner
    Kiari Dunner

    One of my favorite rappers period

  • EA EA
    EA EA

    Got down.

  • Ray Thomas
    Ray Thomas

    145 freaking mumble rap lovers losers Go back & listen to Migos wack shit

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    Ryan Fountain

    Kiss two steppin

  • Mclaren_Karen

    Ayye get it 🕺🏾🕺🏾😁

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    Cordell Butler

    My Man feeling Himself! Love my Nigga still holding Shit down!

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    A U

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • A U
    A U

    Who! 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯👀

  • Ty Unity
    Ty Unity

    this should be on the radio

  • Marnell Peacock
    Marnell Peacock

    This Album Is Platinum..You Michael Jordan Hands down in this Rap shit ...Most Mature Album Yet


    OG $hit

  • Octavia Johnson
    Octavia Johnson

    Who is singing the hook

  • Chantell Minitee
    Chantell Minitee

    Jadakiss ME I Love ❤️ It

  • Bryant Taborn
    Bryant Taborn

    classic hip-hop right here. awesome flow and delivery, just glided over this track

  • Chalise Calliste
    Chalise Calliste

    Jadakiss!!!! 🔥

  • Shawn Campbell
    Shawn Campbell

    The best.

  • Jerome Carter
    Jerome Carter

    All they talk abt is ME MEE MEEE...🥰😍I AM ME

  • Mudi Mabiriani
    Mudi Mabiriani

    When Jadakiss in front of MICROPHONE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

    Kids take notes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏿♨♨♨😎😎, talk your shit jada, real shit last forever

  • Bradley Stanley
    Bradley Stanley

    Would Love To Hear Jay-Z On This Track Also

  • Rymey flow
    Rymey flow

    damn real hip hop in 2020

  • Ruth mcqueen
    Ruth mcqueen

    New York stand tf UPPPPPP!!!


    Jadakiss doing the Yonkers Bop better than Mary J Blige at 3:25.


    This is a hit record that needs to be on the radio. We need two big names for the remix! Nas, DMX, Eminem, Young M.A or Jay-Z.

  • meech blue
    meech blue

    Who they talk about me 🔥🔥🔥

  • T


  • yiyi muhmad
    yiyi muhmad

    You the illest alive, #LEGEND you touch beats in a special way. I can't wait for this album to drop, my condolences to you too and the family as well.

  • Leah Odom
    Leah Odom

    I just love your voice!!

  • Papi Chulo TV
    Papi Chulo TV

    VEVO copying Colours

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor

    Who else played this multiple times back to back?!💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alexander Andreev
    Alexander Andreev

    I'm almost crying. This is hip-hop

  • Wade Royal
    Wade Royal

    Him and fab my favorite wit the lines I swear undefeated

  • CoolStuff

    So Dope! On point delivery, beat is fire, it just feels good you know I mean?? Welcome back even though you never left my playlist! Salute true hip hop vet! Keep shining Jada I see you!

  • D’s Dahncen
    D’s Dahncen

    Jada dancing oh shit you know he living that good life

  • Beverly McFadden
    Beverly McFadden

    Fire !!!

  • Jewel Safire
    Jewel Safire

    Okay, I'm up!!!! ❣Kiss❣

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    Damien Knox

    Def jam didn't promote this at all I don't get these record labels now days

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    Who likes this video? MeeeEEeeeee!

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    Yasssss! Still got it and never switched up on us...

  • jasmine morris
    jasmine morris

    THIS IS MY JOINT!!!! DAMNNNN, Ive played this like 30 times!!! hahaha!!! Jada kills this!!and the production is FIRRREEEE!!!#BIGFACTS!!!Jazimoto

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    Definitely in the top 10 of best rappers #Facts

  • Dave Phillips
    Dave Phillips

    Top 5 dead or alive

  • vernon bowmon
    vernon bowmon

    its still better then everything that come after. D.block until Death

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    Lawrence Parks

    This shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • vernon bowmon
    vernon bowmon

    Lox .D.block for life hear what this brother is saying. he mean it

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    Jada top 5 dead or alive