Jadakiss - Kisses To The Sky (Official Video) ft. Rick Ross, Emanny
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Kisses To The Sky. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • nkki2luv

    Jadakiss got that 🔥🔥🔥

  • PeaceGod_King_ _Tommy_Chief617
    PeaceGod_King_ _Tommy_Chief617

    "I can take you to places you probably only could google." 🤦🏾‍♂️ Feels good to hear some real s#!t again. #S/oOneOfTheRealest #NoSaturatedFatsJustFacts #TooRealForACompliment #Boston #Love

  • brooklyns own
    brooklyns own

    We still standing strong type Vibez...#JadaNeverDissapoints #Top5 #MuchRespectAndSuccess #MuchRespectAndSuccess 🙏🏿💪🏿🥶

  • R y
    R y

    Jamaica is the home the place u need to be real life

  • R y
    R y

    This shit sounds old school 💯 . boss

  • T Dilla
    T Dilla

    Why did I think this was neo

  • Bell Champ
    Bell Champ

    Crazy thought it was NeYo on tge hook. Dude sound just like him but 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Malcom Shaw
    Malcom Shaw


  • Ej Jones
    Ej Jones

    This is the music we missing !!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Patrick Copelin
    Patrick Copelin

    This is some Grown Man Music right here . Kiss kilt it 🔥 And is it just me but , everytime MmmmmaayBach Music chick say that , it is haf ....Ross

  • Mikki D
    Mikki D

    Thought this was ne-yo

  • imoney savage
    imoney savage


  • Wing Blue
    Wing Blue

    I expect nothing less, one word, DOPE!

  • d energy
    d energy

    Love ya bro. Your music changed my life. Saved my life even. You are truly a legend.

  • Marc T
    Marc T

    back in the day if you heard there was a remix track with a Jada guest spot... you downloaded that shit right away, guaranteed quality right there! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lawC0vRu pl7mnz&*
    lawC0vRu pl7mnz&*


  • Apache Girl
    Apache Girl

    Jadakiss mhawwwww

  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari

    Lets groove bomb facebook💖

  • Sharifah Wright
    Sharifah Wright

    I love when kiss bring the smooth vibes 😂😂😂❤️💯

  • Sandra Ward
    Sandra Ward

    This that slap

  • Antonio Willis
    Antonio Willis

    Good song

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks

    Hope going to listens,loves these guys Kiss, Rick, gentlemen, God bless 🙏 them 2020 forever ❤

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    بس لازم اقفش فلوس عشان اعرف اتحرك

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    وختفضلى هدفى الاول والاخير يا هبه

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    😎😎😎😎😎 خليهم يراهنو مع نفسهم

  • Ali Mohi
    Ali Mohi

    Me 2 man many tbx all U will be the 1st one donete for cridit card

  • dingross

    Hella surprised this is not Ne-Yo. 100% his voice

  • Zee Getenet
    Zee Getenet

    When j spit is like Xmas & New Year together

  • Leon Rose
    Leon Rose

    Bruh yall ever heard something sound rich? 😂

  • Patrick Charles
    Patrick Charles

    Real Hip Hop!!!

  • Simeon Yates
    Simeon Yates

    Hard video

  • Feza Senga
    Feza Senga

    Jada on fire

  • Leandro RetrôGames
    Leandro RetrôGames

    Clipe top, tá doido .

  • Maraist Powers
    Maraist Powers

    Check out Maraist musicon all platforms

  • Tio Taz
    Tio Taz

    Kiss Swag On Point. On This Joint!.

  • Nell Cash
    Nell Cash

    This should have been “Power” theme song.

  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari

    Wow thats y iyyon buy chit ppl try yo be funny hahah

  • j r
    j r

    Jadakiss is so underrated

  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari

    #Beats tho.....ride out yes 😁

  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari

    Oh this sound good #litlitlit

    • Tam Shari
      Tam Shari


  • Oregon245 Ayana
    Oregon245 Ayana

    My favourite legand rapper salute

  • Tidda Blacksaav
    Tidda Blacksaav

    That hook ass...but the bars is there

  • Daphnee Rene
    Daphnee Rene

    Hip Hop never left💪🏽☀️🙏🏾🥂🚀🍷🔥🦅👑🌹💋🦉☀️

  • Lonny Fulse
    Lonny Fulse

    OMG! This track is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOSS PLAYA!!!! Jadakiss really set if off on this one with my man Ricky ROZAY!!!

  • suraqah haroon
    suraqah haroon

    That shit It’s lit, why not get 100 million view

  • Mr P
    Mr P

    Oh, I and really don’t believe Kiss feels Ross like that...paperwork just ain’t right. He can rap tho....

  • Mr P
    Mr P

    This is a vintage Bad Boy 2k vibe....Big woulda murdered this....

  • Priinceteeraw

    Dropped a Nipsey Tribute Song Check it with this link algone.info/slow/video/kKGTvK-Phmarmac

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack

    Bro sound like Neo

  • SIP on JeRivi Rose
    SIP on JeRivi Rose

    Jada 💋 🌹🥀

  • Dr.mohammad reza Zardoost
    Dr.mohammad reza Zardoost

    Ross uses this flow in all of his songs 😐

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons

    Ninja 🐢

  • Jimmy Elvis Tarpeh
    Jimmy Elvis Tarpeh

    Jada is one of the best lyricist I’ve been listening to. He’s just underrated


    “I love you like that, you ain’t gotta get cha ass done”...

  • cpv bo
    cpv bo

    AUGUEST 2020 ANYONE???

  • Mdumiseni Njeza
    Mdumiseni Njeza

    New York's finest

  • Chris Rodgers
    Chris Rodgers

    that boi ricky

  • Taylor Leo
    Taylor Leo

    that's what you call G elegance music

  • Alexis McCullough
    Alexis McCullough


  • Keith Burgess
    Keith Burgess

    Kiss never get old, 💯

  • Chauntel Amor
    Chauntel Amor

    Sky just the view it's never the limit #WORDUPYO!!!


    Jada flow is so smooth....his voice bless every track he on....#1 in my book

  • Sexyluv B
    Sexyluv B

    Hot song😎 the guy singing sounds like neyo tho... still fire💥

  • Moses Kiiru
    Moses Kiiru

    Emany sounds lyk a Neyo wannabe

  • Sunshine Jenkins
    Sunshine Jenkins

    This song slaaaaps

  • Naim Salahuddin
    Naim Salahuddin


  • SeanKeaton TheHNIC
    SeanKeaton TheHNIC

    Brian Bennett - Image

  • mrhudah

    Lyrical perfection displayed here by all here including Emmany on the Hook. Perfect example of lyrical content. Lyrics matter, with that said shout out to Spoonin G, Mellie Mel, Kool Moe D, Rakim, Black Thought, Talib, And more. Lovinnn this Hip Hop Thing since King Tim III💪🏾👊🏾. One Love. And P.S. Kiss, leave to you to have a dope ass song, cool video and kill a man at the end of the video. You dope and truly sent to do this but that evil side got you😂🤣

  • Kelechi Nnadika
    Kelechi Nnadika

    beat is dope'...

  • Ryan Dolce
    Ryan Dolce

    1.8k people must be deaf

  • Andre Farrar
    Andre Farrar

    I'm finally watching this video all these months later, and I just learned that Neyo is not the singer.

  • Cedie Ave
    Cedie Ave

    Was expecting this to go de other way but it’s Funny how Ross couldn’t match Jada’s energy on this...🥶🔥🔥🔥

  • CutThroat Husle
    CutThroat Husle

    I been fuccin wit kiss since the LOX was in shiny suits and shit the album right here tho cuhz on the set it’s a new kiss every song just grown man shit salute to the growth

  • Johnwahn Evans
    Johnwahn Evans

    When due started singing 🔥 love this song

  • ImJustLxthal 2K
    ImJustLxthal 2K

    This is old head rap


    i fukin kuhhv thiz joint 💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • BannedFromYT

    “Nah this aint Off-White, i got rich off white” that lil bar was fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones

    Kiss is like a fine wine, he just gets better with age

  • east32nd

    This song is 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Angel123 Bb1
    Angel123 Bb1

    You ain't even got your ass done-Listen to that line ladies♡♡♡ love you♡♡♡

  • Andre' Mulligan
    Andre' Mulligan

    Ross is in the top ten

  • DaReal King901
    DaReal King901

    I’m the only dumbass that typed in trey songz

  • Carisha Mathews
    Carisha Mathews

    This one u just rock ur head an blow one. You men are smooth, talented, handsome. Rick Ross honey u have always been handsome but baby u are that one for me now Mmm Hmmm that lil half smile u do is sexy. But yesss yall men did it this time with this jam. I'm liking the words but this beat is ALL that.

  • Arty Mcfly Scottie1trippin
    Arty Mcfly Scottie1trippin

    Two bald heads grow hair and make a classic lol

  • Jonathan Kopetchny
    Jonathan Kopetchny

    Three kings three intervetors. Bless the gods Won

  • KING zxQwe'
    KING zxQwe'

    FR need this !

  • Keyana Renee
    Keyana Renee

    Reading every comment and see that y’all missing the whole message behind this video. The skulls signifying the death of the man in the end. The Chinese hat, the cross on the dusse and the drugs the girls mixed in the guy’s drink when he was distracted by all the expensive shit around him. The way the girls were dancing less than they usually would in a video & this was before corona, look at the mask and what they signify. Y’all think celebrities don’t be knowing shit before us? This is the world and sucks. Unfortunately, I live in the U.S 😤

  • SnoDat


  • nakia Bates
    nakia Bates

    Jadakiss the shit!!!

  • wamz wayne
    wamz wayne

    Dope rapper 💪👊

  • Seven FreeSpirit
    Seven FreeSpirit

    Flames!! 🤘🏼💯🔥💯🤘🏼 #the🐐

  • Ash B
    Ash B

    Speechless 🚀💙

  • Mellow 407
    Mellow 407

    algone.info/slow/video/kaumloRmhougsIU 🖤🩸 #mellow407

  • tayloredsince83

    Everybody did their thing but Ross is exquisite on these type of tracks. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • TheException

    Where can I find that mask @ 3:32

  • QueenShe85

    Ian taking nun away from dude but I see Neyo blessing this hook!!!!

  • Ves Bray
    Ves Bray

    Ross and jada go good together on a track evey track they make together is fire...🔥

  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • Rodrigo Marques
    Rodrigo Marques

    Ross went hard damn