Jadakiss - Kisses To The Sky (Director's Cut) ft. Rick Ross, Emanny
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Kisses To The Sky (Director's Cut). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • funding department
    funding department

    Kiss the slickest!!

  • Kylekmurray


    • Kylekmurray

      #FreeMichaelDarnellbennett-Murray #Trump2024💜🧡❤️🖤💙🇺🇸🙌🙌🙌



  • Abdi jama
    Abdi jama

    They both hard together on a track

  • makafui mendelssohn ametsitsi
    makafui mendelssohn ametsitsi

    He always had a plan after the plan...

  • rymale ragland
    rymale ragland

    🔥🔥talkin that ish

  • manny B
    manny B

    Jadakiss just schooled these little niggas in the music game

  • Mz Sweetz
    Mz Sweetz

    #2021 still

  • Brad Hebert
    Brad Hebert

    Bosses 💯

  • Anetra Warren
    Anetra Warren


  • Norman Lord
    Norman Lord

    Closet done u ain’t even wear the last one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Ryan

    Jada is (OFFICIALLY) In my Top-5 Dead or alive

  • Ryan

    I dont know why i thought this was neyo on the hook thats crazy

  • M W. J
    M W. J

    One my favorite rapper of all times, love you Jadakiss, good sound!

  • Marnell Peacock
    Marnell Peacock

    Ben Simmons look alike lol.. But this song is fire

  • Mohd Saif
    Mohd Saif

    Please your phone number

  • Mega Milly
    Mega Milly

    Ross is all in

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks

    Happy new year 🎉 ladies, gentlemen, plenty more

  • Ermias Abera
    Ermias Abera

    FIRE Bass Line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Safiya Phillip
    Safiya Phillip

    Give me more good music like this right here love it

  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • chris howell
    chris howell

    This is a classic song for the rest of the year and next year to get people back in to the story of good hip hop has brought us .amen too the rappers no more dead rappers please 🙏 💯 😪 brother Chris Tahari Howell. 10/1978


    JADA and ROSS= dope track!!!!!

  • Andre Eichelberger
    Andre Eichelberger

    #Jadakiss2020 #Trump2020

  • Godfather Robert
    Godfather Robert

    Vintage Wine Jadakiss is that 85 year old bottle of Merlot waiting to pour that pain into every beautiful track real recognize real!

  • mark battle
    mark battle

    Man Jada always come with it. I love Hov but if I’m being honest I think J the king of the NY

  • B Chill
    B Chill

    So we all just gonna let Ross get a pass and chew gum in this dope video?

  • free bho
    free bho

    It's not luck u just need heart of stone road to riches but if u in no going back in to death

  • Da Real Crisis
    Da Real Crisis

    there's no artist like Jada

  • Monty Edwards
    Monty Edwards

    The scary thing is Jada is getting better lol cats a monster

  • BarXaM Fitness
    BarXaM Fitness

    I double park it at target before I step inside “BOSS”! I love these Maybach vibes 🎶


    We in a Benjamin mode and we stack them so he's back 🙌

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    🇯🇲 🔥💯

  • Candy Champion Pearson
    Candy Champion Pearson


  • JedEye MaStar
    JedEye MaStar


  • zroc973

    This just it! 🔥

  • Silent Muzik
    Silent Muzik


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    Leo Washiton

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  • NetWork Production
    NetWork Production

    This was straight player made

  • Timmie Wrath
    Timmie Wrath

    Fire 🔥💯

  • Njadaka73

    I swear look like Ben Simmons

  • Njadaka73

    See ya Jada

  • Cherry Cola
    Cherry Cola

    KISSS💋!! (only needed Jadakiss on this..he always held his own)

  • Blac Fresh
    Blac Fresh


  • Mr Brown de Moz
    Mr Brown de Moz

    The bars though 🙌


    Me and My kids loved your cartoon need a part 2 asap

  • Tru Shyne
    Tru Shyne

    Your friends be hating i aint even gone blast them they see me and speak i k.I.M right pass them. 😂 Stupid bars

  • Dietra Roberson
    Dietra Roberson

    Jadakiss Best Bars He can Rap of Pespi commerical

  • Cyrus Coxswain
    Cyrus Coxswain


  • Percy Smith
    Percy Smith

    This song is a gem no doubt

  • Erotico Studios
    Erotico Studios


  • Abe Ada
    Abe Ada

    😬 its about time kiss lasted 25 years with out a bullshit track

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White


  • rod wilson
    rod wilson

    Jada...was the truth...since forever.....shit....RR...already.....@Dat_artist_Kutta....

  • Bonita

    Jada will always drop gems.

  • BeezyB A
    BeezyB A

    Friends: what you doing this holiday weekend? Me: I'm a spend this Holiday locked in....

  • SP


  • MangoTips

    I wish I could yell at the ads in between videos. I don't want no f'ing bone broth, brah.

  • Noemyskillz

    This sound like it was suppose 2 Maybach Music #7

  • Noemyskillz

    N a room full of demons how can i make commends

  • Noemyskillz

    Like how Ross be calln himself a fat boy

  • Noemyskillz

    Always thought this was Neyo guess Emanny was cheaper

  • Kelechi Nnadika
    Kelechi Nnadika

    real OGee!

  • Christopher Cooper
    Christopher Cooper

    This is why you one of my favorite MC's. You did it again. Keep it up.

  • Chloe Stewart
    Chloe Stewart

    They dont know!

  • Rio522Bass

    The flow is cold, but really feeling this one. Maybe I just need to hear it a few more times.

  • Nafi Beats
    Nafi Beats

    I got a good heart❤ let the snakes keep the venom🐍

  • willie smith
    willie smith

    Why kiss do a song with a FRAUD..SHOUTOUT TO THE REAL RIC ROSS ..

  • Victor Ondari
    Victor Ondari

    Sky is just a view... Never the limit... I can take you to places , you can only Google... Jada... The OG✌

  • Puff N Stuff
    Puff N Stuff


  • P.H Hussler
    P.H Hussler

    Who told kiss to grow his hair??? Good lord his hairline looks like a lunchbox and while we at it. Tell him to stop dancing. Him and Mary need to never dance again. Just 2 step

  • Duran Jackson
    Duran Jackson

    You know the wrong muthafuckas run hip hop when this isn't in mainstream rotation.

  • Troy Wansley
    Troy Wansley

    Nobody makes better 'songs' than Ross always does what the beat tells tells em to do

  • Antoinette Bush
    Antoinette Bush

    His crispy voice just takes me away. Much love.

    • Antoinette Bush
      Antoinette Bush

      Check your man's

  • Olario Kemble
    Olario Kemble

    Jada Kiss hairline needs the respect it due its forever like his BARS!

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael

    JÃDÂ-K¡$$ Î$ MŶ-GÛŶ...4.5. 💯


    Ben Simmons is singing his ass off🤣🤣

  • Chito Rivera
    Chito Rivera

    People sleep on this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tarkia Lewis
    Tarkia Lewis


  • Nateliteyear


  • Shun Juan
    Shun Juan


  • Mr- Mfker2u
    Mr- Mfker2u

    Ross own this shit

  • keith bowman
    keith bowman


  • Hustle Lorenzo
    Hustle Lorenzo

    Wow he sounds like neyo

  • Nadir Amir
    Nadir Amir

    Jadakiss slid through with this joint

  • fast eddie
    fast eddie

    Uncle raspy putting it down for a few decades now and just doesn't fall off......NY TO MIAMI.........maybach mucic

  • Deandre Williams
    Deandre Williams

    This shit is the best song in a good minute fire

  • Christopher Simmons
    Christopher Simmons

    Smooth like glass FLAWLESS

  • Nidia Luccioni
    Nidia Luccioni

    Kisses to the sky JadaKiss & Rick Ross❤️

  • Nidia Luccioni
    Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans love your Kisses To The Sky Jadakiss Ft Rick Ross your music your rap your hip hop from the fans from around the world and me Besitos JadaKiss - Kisses To The Sky ft Rick Ross (Director’s Cut ) # JadaKiss # gnatius # Hip Hop

  • Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker

    Rod wave

  • God bless
    God bless

    Jadakiss is blessed

  • Vet 4life
    Vet 4life

    Did he mention Rayful Edmunds?

  • James P. Russell
    James P. Russell

    " So They Still Laughing at us?"

  • James P. Russell
    James P. Russell

    " So They Still Laughing at us?"

  • EXE Official
    EXE Official

    I love u like that, u ain’t gotta get ya ass done

  • Number One Soul Brother
    Number One Soul Brother


  • Hailey Woodall
    Hailey Woodall

    Those Skulls in the background of ROSS THO👌

  • Abdi Ibrahim
    Abdi Ibrahim

    Am I the only one that thinks kiss did not need Rick Ross on the track 🤔

  • Abdi Ibrahim
    Abdi Ibrahim

    The sky is just a view never the limit, give this man his flowers

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