Jadakiss - Keep It 100 (Lyric Video)
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Keep It 100 (Lyric Video). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Dirty Bird
    Dirty Bird

    Jada is always on point. Love this

  • W C
    W C


  • DeAndre Adams
    DeAndre Adams

    So underrated

  • Oliver Molina
    Oliver Molina


  • tallmagnet

    My nigga🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • william Stefanie
    william Stefanie

    Top 5 dead or alive

  • Kagiso Moela
    Kagiso Moela

    Grown man's hiphop right here

  • MrGizm90




  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    Real talk jada keep it 100

  • Tim Hannah
    Tim Hannah


  • tyrone williams
    tyrone williams

    ALgone BORN GOD, Character of a Man, CHECK IT OUT

  • H.U.M.O T.V
    H.U.M.O T.V

    Mi rapero favorito..

  • Breathe aAgain
    Breathe aAgain

    She get on my nerves but i can live with that...

  • Cheryl Mcleod
    Cheryl Mcleod

    Most underrated rap artist...will rise soon

  • FGP

    damn this was the first time seeing the video, I like the animation on this one

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    @ynglozsito check me out omw😎💵💵💯🇵🇷🇲🇽

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    Shit fire

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera


  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera

    Damn marathon continues nip

  • jason beckford
    jason beckford

    I. Rather hear the Truth than a whole bunch of lies keep it 100 with me

  • Jennifer Christina
    Jennifer Christina

    German engineering she pulling up. Whoooooooooo😂😂🤣🙏🏼

  • Michael Diego Forman
    Michael Diego Forman

    Anyone disliking this is at a negative 💯

  • young blizzy
    young blizzy

    The realist

  • ultimate gaming alligator
    ultimate gaming alligator


  • Philosophy King-
    Philosophy King-

    So dope

  • Shyst Mon3y
    Shyst Mon3y


  • GREATEST Successful
    GREATEST Successful

    If I kiss you, I huge you, I love you, that means you better keep it 100. 99 ain't good enough just keep 100 with me. Jadakiss.

  • GREATEST Successful
    GREATEST Successful

    Tekashi Snitch 9 will never keep it 100.

  • Mellow 407
    Mellow 407

    algone.info/slow/video/kaumloRmhougsIU 🖤🩸 #mellow407

  • astroidmusik

    ☄️ You either elevate or you fall / It really isn’t complicated at all / we only asking you to “Keep it 💯.”

  • lovely Kissies
    lovely Kissies

    I love this dope rap style, I am a personal chef subscribe to my ALgone channel.

  • kishor maskar
    kishor maskar

    101 why not but it seld snap back wet Twitter baki bhai buddhe

  • kishor maskar
    kishor maskar

    My bet on v shrapit kid sir u know



  • Prints Nozfuks
    Prints Nozfuks

    Never disappoint, period.💯💯💯💯💯

  • Kaiko Higurashi
    Kaiko Higurashi

    This is fire 🔥.

  • MUSIC GOD streets approver
    MUSIC GOD streets approver

    Jadakiss T5DoA

  • Aqeel Williams
    Aqeel Williams

    OMG!!! This is the BEST lyrics vid I've EVER SEEN!!! Superb shit right here!! This is my favorite joint off the Ignatius album!! This is such a banga!!!! Smh!!! Needed to see this today. This is on LOOP for a few hours. Woooh!

  • Humble Panda
    Humble Panda

    Everyday I play this because its RNS you really gotta learn who really vibe with you the long way

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja

    thanks for still doing real music...

  • Maurice Murray
    Maurice Murray

    This track is stupid fire. Kiss been that dude AND always will be. LOX/D BLOCK fa life.

  • Bigg Guy
    Bigg Guy


  • Eyeconic Mind
    Eyeconic Mind

    Nice work on the vid 👌🏽🔥

  • Asyraf Shaharudin
    Asyraf Shaharudin

    Damn after KillaCam with meddelin now Jada with keep it 💯 . Who's next?

  • Artesian City Marketing Academy
    Artesian City Marketing Academy

    god bless america that all i know amen .......


    Keep it 2 Virgils

  • William Satterfield
    William Satterfield

    Keep em Updated Bro Bro💯💪🏿

  • Sipo Uzumaki
    Sipo Uzumaki

    Only Real ones will understand who this is n what he's spittin💯💯🔥🔥

  • hopeful elect
    hopeful elect


  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones

    This joint is so tough!!✊🏾✊🏾

  • Dee Marco Music
    Dee Marco Music

    Love It!! ahhhaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Money Chasing Mil
    Money Chasing Mil

    “ Some Will Love You, Some Will Use You, Nothing Wrong With That, As Long As You Know Who’s Who “ 💯

  • GA Empire
    GA Empire


  • Arkitek Muzik
    Arkitek Muzik

    Kiss got that voice. Hus singing voice is 🔥

  • Kev Kennerly
    Kev Kennerly

    Dayum this song always hits when I hear it. The message in I tho geez.

  • lewis xmate
    lewis xmate

    German engineer😥💥

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor


  • Mister Rob - Born Again Recordz
    Mister Rob - Born Again Recordz

    This is Ultimate Real! Love it!

  • indy anahh
    indy anahh

    its aight but its no GOOBA

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson


  • Felix Cruz
    Felix Cruz

    Hits the blunt, clicks play, and fade into the lyrics and vibe 🔥

  • Skin Jbil 2000
    Skin Jbil 2000

    Pääääääähhhhhh 😁

  • Di Ccasso
    Di Ccasso

    Another major league hit for the portfolio. And jewels for days🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏼✊🏼

  • Kevin Ray Banks
    Kevin Ray Banks

    Rhhhhh 💯💯💯💯💯💯 kiss 💯 Jadakiss telling you all knowledge one ☝🏽💎⭐️☀️💯💎✌🏾

  • STirZ RockCity Productions
    STirZ RockCity Productions

    Some'll love you, some'll use you Nothin' wrong with that as long as you know who's who Gemini, do what I want when I'm in the mood to Soon as they think you need somethin', that's when they lose you Soon as you know they need somethin', that's when you get 'em back....True words.🥰😍

  • Power100

    Happy belated 45th to Jadakiss 2020!!!!!

  • Chesnet Joseph
    Chesnet Joseph

    Man its such a blessing to have a real lyricist on a hard beat, yall dont understand home many song I hear and the beat hard but the rapper trash or on some mumble shit like they just out here wasting good beats, thank you kiss for blessing this track

  • Victor Almanzar. CAZIKE
    Victor Almanzar. CAZIKE

    This is fire 🔥! Real Hip- Hop and marketable at the same time... 💪🏽😎

  • i.S Productions
    i.S Productions

    Real Bars! ..Keep it 💯!!

  • Popay

    Real rap . Loyal to the craft . Humble with the sword . Love it .

  • AJ

    Who did the lyric video?

  • SGC

    Jada like fabolous both underrated legends 🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥 some of the best to ever touch mic 🎵 can't wait to drop my new music jadakiss has always inspired me not gonna lie! 👊


    Keep it 100 n 1000s for your cupcake naamean naasaying

  • Thisaslapper

    Jadakiss is one of those rappers not a lot of people know about but in the end is criminally slept on like a cot in a cell.

  • a kid named JaZn
    a kid named JaZn

    Jada always with the heat. voice so strong

  • Carlos Pena
    Carlos Pena

    Real Rap here!

  • hunda21

    I've been keeping my circle to a minimum cause people out here can't keep it 💯 and when things change in my life for the better they say I switched up and act funny. Ha, it's hard for a hater to understand the effects being a positive person.

  • Vik B
    Vik B

    am I the only one who thinks this is lame as fuck compared to his old stuff? The hook alone is wack

  • More to talk about
    More to talk about


  • Ty Martinada
    Ty Martinada

    Sheish. Nowadays, people age 18-25 ain't gonna view this joint right here. :( 10 years ago this would get pass 200k views easy. I'm 29 yo. But I can't take much of the lyrics that's be coming out on rap lately and that choppy flow everyone got... Also, I miss the 3 verse song formats. I mean, we could seldom find a song to vibe with these days, but it's friggin' too short. And I also miss how songs repeat the hook at the end and fade it into existence. And don't get me started on R&B. Why pure R&B is in the underground? How did mainstream R&B is introverted?


    Them 84 dislikes from 50cent 😂😂😂

  • Preacher Kid aka BISHOPSON
    Preacher Kid aka BISHOPSON

    Some will ❤️love you some will use you NOTHING wrong with that as long as you know Who’s who!

  • Henrik Garne
    Henrik Garne


  • Blackcrown Music
    Blackcrown Music

    This cold 100

  • lmlm

    when it comes to rap i prefer videos like this,animated and with lyrics

  • Justin Dion
    Justin Dion

    Happy Birthday Jadakiss #T5DOA 💯💯

  • Sabri Saad
    Sabri Saad


  • The SBN Lifestyle
    The SBN Lifestyle

    432 Hz...That real down to earth shit.

  • Ben Nauwelaerts
    Ben Nauwelaerts

    what a refreshing sound, finally some real hip hop. I was getting tired of those mumble dudes

  • lg dash apt
    lg dash apt

    Dum dope.

  • DaBellyMan318

    He's a walking spitting legend! Much love from Louisiana

  • Abdul Aden
    Abdul Aden

    Looks one of em lo-fi videos nice and simple vid

  • Kidus Wondimu
    Kidus Wondimu

    dat brotha head boppin on point graphics well ddone


    Why part of the beat sound like sumtn from Kirby? Or is it just me? Anyway kiss fa president


    Kant wait for dat Jada feature. 100 happi gday Jada. Shout out to da Burton. Lox up

  • Kasongo Nkwabilo
    Kasongo Nkwabilo

    So who does Jada go up against in the IG versus battles

  • Shaun Babineaux
    Shaun Babineaux

    The realist song out! Should have way more views

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    Never disappoints! I dead ass never fast forwarded a Jada track 💯

  • John Sheppard
    John Sheppard

    Volume ain't mass bruhh, quantity ain't quality