Jadakiss - I Know (Audio) ft. John Legend
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Music video by Jadakiss performing I Know (Audio). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Clutch K
    Clutch K

    The song second verse reminds me of my homeboy that’s no longer physically here.

  • J Ro
    J Ro

    “If you’re looking for a real love, don’t be afraid, that it might hurt.” 💯

  • Regina Weaver
    Regina Weaver

    Jadakiss never left us. This is what hip hop is all about.

  • Jason Suffrien
    Jason Suffrien

    Yo I love this song matter a fact the whole album



  • Ramzan

    Did somehone know the sample ?

  • Germ Yo Skeetie Maine
    Germ Yo Skeetie Maine

    This song is too real my G. Reflection rap at its finest0

  • wrestling fan34
    wrestling fan34

    This is a radio hit

  • Jarvis Ragins
    Jarvis Ragins

    Jadakiss never disappoints...he always bring the heat

  • Marcus Long
    Marcus Long

    This shit made me drop mad tears I pray God got me when I don't believe 🙏🏽💙😔💯💯🎯

  • Reek 90
    Reek 90

    This that one song I kept skipping and figured out it was that shit wen I let it ride 🔥🔥

    • Grady Mapp
      Grady Mapp

      💯!!!!!!!!!real talk!!!!!

  • wamz wayne
    wamz wayne

    Mad love from Zambia❤️❤️ I love this track .....

  • Jullian Mendez
    Jullian Mendez

    Jadakiss ft Drake & Bruno Mars

  • Young Meech
    Young Meech

    I love you Boog😍😋

  • Daryle Morris
    Daryle Morris

    " RIP George Floyd " 🙏🏽🕊️🙏🏽

  • Joanna Guzman
    Joanna Guzman

    Lyrical Monsta 🔥

  • Ray 23
    Ray 23

    People is quarantine and this don’t got 20 million views 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥song

  • Trizzo B
    Trizzo B

    Aaah haaaaa(Jada Laugh)

  • Yatta

    Best rapper Alive. Period

  • Mal Sanflip
    Mal Sanflip

    Weshchester county!!!

  • Anthony Bradford
    Anthony Bradford

    We need a video for this

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada


  • ToxicIdiot

    Grammy nominated song rite there...no🧢💯

  • Lance Aviles
    Lance Aviles

  • XBCsmurfCLAN

    Birthday gift upload/release. Timing is everything...

  • Ana Castro
    Ana Castro

    Why does this not have over a million views!? 🤬

  • RojoPrincess

    My dad loves this song

  • vernon bowmon
    vernon bowmon

    kiss the game goodbye once again D.block

  • D P
    D P

    ,, Use Headphones for best Experience''

  • K13 Big dawg
    K13 Big dawg


  • John Paul Kariithi
    John Paul Kariithi

    jadakiss albums are always like a long life story of ups and downs, emotions, experiences and lessons. stories in bars.

    • Prefer Not To Say
      Prefer Not To Say

      Big facts!!!

  • Lazo Swag
    Lazo Swag

    Jada is like hell,he keeps burning.. Wack song still "0"

  • Undergodwaiting Havemercyonus
    Undergodwaiting Havemercyonus

    Flawless song absolutely perfect Gifted

  • Big Bxxf
    Big Bxxf

    Mu favorite song off this album is not gettin the live it deserves

  • Forrest Lanchester
    Forrest Lanchester

    This is album is so hot♨♨♨♨

  • Manny fresh
    Manny fresh

    Jada man you just the best

  • Mazaradi ThrowBack
    Mazaradi ThrowBack

    top 5 dead or alive...st8 heat

  • Seven FreeSpirit
    Seven FreeSpirit

    Whole album an entire fukn vibe!! 🔥❤🤘🏼

  • Luthando booysen
    Luthando booysen

    I love this song he needs to realise the visuals asap

  • Jim-Cat

    this album is the first classic i heard in a minute jada so underated to me

  • Rodney Barber
    Rodney Barber

    I want to work with you. I'm better than most soul singer. I'm just not getting clout like them. I appreciate real music!

  • RL FilmzEnt
    RL FilmzEnt

    its crazy how these song don't have millions of views but the trash does

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers

    Now Jada is coming into his own. All that murder kill ONLY his own people is played out. Nice body of work. #wakeupJacob

  • William Burney
    William Burney

    This the type of track we all need to hear in times like these



  • Go Nkosi
    Go Nkosi

    John Legend gave Jadakiss a verse expensive hook,this can play on any commercial radio on high rotation

  • Carlos McGoines
    Carlos McGoines

    Jadakiss has gave all the hip hop heads a strictly complete mature meaningful album for the day one fans.



  • EL RAW
    EL RAW

    This shit 🔥

  • Unc

    For all you yungstas that think the new interpretation of Rap/hip hop is valid please listen to Jadas new fire, take notes so you can say u know real Rap.

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    This is absolutely brilliant... just wow ..thanku love an God bless x

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Straight fire!

  • DesRosiers

    This is what’s wrong with hip hop today . Jadakiss drops an album and there’s only 165000 views wtf this young generation don’t kno shit today smh a goat is speaking 🐐👍



  • Terry Hanley
    Terry Hanley

    NAS named him long ago, Jada the other side of the blade on the sword

  • Dnyce monteiro
    Dnyce monteiro

    This beat🔥🔥

  • Ryan Carmichael
    Ryan Carmichael

    Jada just released a instant classic

  • Efe Daniel
    Efe Daniel

    Ruff Ryder was dead before d block was buried, stick with dat that ain’t no fact that shit spiritual. Stick with dat.

  • My Way
    My Way

    Jay gets the last shot of respect everytime " he's the one hard to forget to every argument bout rappers....

  • Nayden


  • falconfan1990

    This is real rap, The crap on the radio is butt comparing to legends

  • Jonjon Cash Over Colors
    Jonjon Cash Over Colors

    Think this is my favorite song on the album ... that hook is deep if you really listen 💯

    • Thy Trueth One
      Thy Trueth One

      The hook is crazy bruh. John Legend kills these type of records. 🙏🏽

    • M. M
      M. M

      Gov't cheese is mine but this is definitely a close second.


    NYC RAP MUSIC ! We still alive n forever atop the rest ! PAY MIND !


    THE SINGLE THAT WASENT ! N I likez that ! #NYC

  • John Tirow
    John Tirow

    I'm playing the audio vevo play pinyata. Yeeehaaa. Tetris....but the album in Africa ..you know .... Don't mind me I'm just saying random things hopefully you can go along with it

  • Mo Ahmed
    Mo Ahmed

    Damn, this is fire

  • Sniper Smith
    Sniper Smith

    Shouts out to lyrical mental vision music with meaning that lasts forever

  • Isaack M
    Isaack M

    Jadakiss means content, style,punchlines,facts. This dude is a factory.

  • Lonnie Dotson
    Lonnie Dotson

    Jada...G.O.A.T 💥🔥

  • TaiShaun Payne
    TaiShaun Payne

    Jada is so talented, Who else is here for the comments 🤔


    Who else has made so many bangers and isn't mainstream Jadakiss the undisputed under ground god of rap

  • Jason Vasquez
    Jason Vasquez

    I Dont Think World Tryin’ To Listen To Jason’s Anymore.... 😔

  • reco boyd
    reco boyd

    Damn good song

  • Dylan Stoner
    Dylan Stoner

    This man had some balls. He had cancer and didn't even tell his best friend. He knew he was going to his grave and didn't even say anything. Literally didn't even look for anybody to cry to just cried themself damn

  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen

    New Orleans😘

  • Bruce Jones
    Bruce Jones

    Jadakiss top five the album is 🔥 so unrated. Keep doing what u Kiss.

  • Infinite Reality
    Infinite Reality

    Thank you so much for this album Jada!❤💥

  • Lorenzo Almanzar
    Lorenzo Almanzar

    Its gonna rain. Aahaaaaaaa

  • Web. Strong
    Web. Strong

    This is what hiphop is suppose to be like, nice tune, can learn something...just nice vibe.

    • steve C.
      steve C.

      Web. Strong a lot of “rappers” out there needs to take a chapter from his book/work.

  • Steve Bell
    Steve Bell

    Biggie Proud 🎤💯💪🏾 I see why they Crossed Path 🎶🎶❤️ D-Block Jadakiss Styles P Skeech L!!! Salute Respect Thank You 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 Album 🔥 Top 5 DOA 2020 . Down Since Yorkers

  • Jamhari De TriniJam
    Jamhari De TriniJam

    Remix with Buju Banton

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams

    All i can say is thank you. This is HIP HOP


    Nobody ever told me it be easy nobody ever promised me no pain...

  • SoBoutIt Studios
    SoBoutIt Studios

    John Legend 🔥

  • Isabell Nida
    Isabell Nida

    only people giving him clout are the people to fail to realize he stole tyler the creators flow smh

  • wim Tatenda Pepukayi
    wim Tatenda Pepukayi

    music for mature hip hop heads, ear orgasm whole track

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper

    Jada keeping it real ... still bumping massive respect for being real man 🔥🔥🔥

  • Saikou Touray
    Saikou Touray

    I have been listening to the whole album this man just making bangers the beats really love jadakiss



  • Fridge 7
    Fridge 7

    Fav track of the album.❤✌


    2 legends on the same song!!!

    • Marc Althavan
      Marc Althavan

      Yes, one is named Legend and the other one is a real living legend who blessed the hiphop scene for 20+ years strong


    glad legend got back with jada on another track together

  • Lamont Farr
    Lamont Farr

    Kiss should've used Carl Thomas on this track...

    • Topsy kretts
      Topsy kretts

      Why should of he used someone else...? He obviously used who he thought was perfect for the song. His album, stories/bars & decision...? Everyone's a critic, people these days are never happy, even if the song was flawless someone would still pick at the artist themselves, smh...

    • Pmason718

      Legend sounds good but Carl would have worked as well.

    • william snyder
      william snyder

      Bad boys days are behind home

    • falconfan1990

      Lamont Farr I think Legend was the right call

  • PUNCH LINE 619
    PUNCH LINE 619

    Thank God for the kiss

  • Maddie Jay
    Maddie Jay

    He don’t play no games 👑❤️❤️

  • Slim 803
    Slim 803

    Jada GOAT

  • Devon Brown
    Devon Brown

    Jadakiss one of the hardest most underrated rapper but aye... To me... I think you is one of the realist rapper alive alongside nas, Ludacris and the list goes on

    • Martin Smith
      Martin Smith

      He's probably the most underrated and overlooked rapper EVER. He's absolutely incredible.

  • zoRU800

    Jada never dissapoints. John legend never disaapoints. I knew i would be satisfied

  • Kala Jones
    Kala Jones

    90s In 2020 loving this music JadaKiss

  • Overlord Jonezzz
    Overlord Jonezzz


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