Jadakiss - Huntin Season ft. Pusha T
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Huntin Season. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Aaron Weller
    Aaron Weller


  • The R
    The R

    Im bout to go hunting. Check the local news later ....for the body count

  • The R
    The R

    Old school bear traps for the biggah niggaz.......damm kiss is the wolverine of hip hip. He will slice u up out of nowhere. Styles the incredible hulk. Louch is the jaggunart. D block lox best 3 man crew. U heard

  • Ronald Jones
    Ronald Jones

    LYNWOOD 211CG...love when 2 of the 🐐 s collab!!!

  • Vegan Phobic
    Vegan Phobic

    We suppose to be leaders why y’all following each other bruhhhh!!!! I’m dead



  • KG Money
    KG Money

    Tampa Florida in this bih !!!

  • Nick Fields
    Nick Fields

    Those boots fresh af

  • Jerry Davis
    Jerry Davis

    Grown man rap 🙌🏾

  • Raheem Austin
    Raheem Austin

    He didn't lie at all when he said he got a couple rappers head on the wall of his crib. 😂😂😭😭😭😭.

  • andrew vill
    andrew vill

    Push still shooting he wont stop Dammmmm

  • Mike schlicher
    Mike schlicher

    Beat is sick jada always on point and whens T gonna start getting credit that part w lebron was hard

  • Beats By DA GOD
    Beats By DA GOD

    God bless you 👻!!! Ayyyte

  • Vince Cooper
    Vince Cooper


  • Veteran Production's
    Veteran Production's

    Real very reality jadakiss 🏆won 🏆

  • R.A.M. G.O.E.
    R.A.M. G.O.E.

    Dat man da kiss of death😏 blind leading the blind. Forgetting we kings and queens since ancient days. We oppressing our own like we ain't grown🤨 push the truth, some in the booth know what it do. The higher ups gotta face realiT 2! Treal bidnez from KeySt0ne street✊🏾

  • Beats By DA GOD
    Beats By DA GOD

    My cousin bizzy with the Elmer fudd

  • Beats By DA GOD
    Beats By DA GOD

    Out in the wilderness God made me an animal, do what I gotta do. Whatevers imaginable! No kids or old ladies. Leave one to let em know what God made me. No one save me put the 5th to me graciously, you know what we do too you are you fucking crazy.

    • Beats By DA GOD
      Beats By DA GOD

      Walking with the anghelic bags is fucking gigantic...... They say they drip I dont know how to leak.... front door with a breach. Never outta reach. Fingertips like an octopus I got my hands in the bleach. ..... I just really felt this beat though. Ayyyye. Blessings

  • Beats By DA GOD
    Beats By DA GOD

    Jada you know damn well I am not a fucking devil....maybe a dæmon but not a damn devil lol ~Lord Azhuer Hulett~

  • Uhuru Sasa
    Uhuru Sasa

    That brown fit is epic 619 PIRU

  • ItsBdotL


  • Vince Cooper
    Vince Cooper


  • Marouen {in Quran we trust}
    Marouen {in Quran we trust}


  • Lang49453965ston Rithabb
    Lang49453965ston Rithabb

    Real Rap 🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Branden Nelson
    Branden Nelson

    Don't make no damn sense for this joint to be so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Squirrel's Garden
    Squirrel's Garden


  • Berhanu Tsige
    Berhanu Tsige


  • Jpsomebodie

    Pusha an Kiss. Men amongst chilren

  • Crystal Shoemake
    Crystal Shoemake

    I promise bro thanks for the Anthem I hope u let me put this in my movie #LavishThugLuv

  • TheeZ CheeZ
    TheeZ CheeZ

    Grape unit

  • Bright Scofield
    Bright Scofield

    Listening to pusha is like looking at a painting 🖼

  • Rose Murk
    Rose Murk

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  • J Ro
    J Ro

    Push doesn’t disappoint. One of the best 💯

  • anthony cooley
    anthony cooley

    Whoeva gave a thumbs down to dis, has to be jokin

  • Ron Burg
    Ron Burg

    Anybody know whats the name of boots jada got on ??????

  • ray fallins
    ray fallins

    That coat was hard as fuck but them boots was even harder

  • Ricci Tarpey
    Ricci Tarpey

    Jada is the man. Still feel me. London to america

  • Jay O'Hara
    Jay O'Hara

    now i know why all the winchester AA hulls are sold out...

  • MeNtHO SON
    MeNtHO SON

    This is mad Nice!


    bul said the higher up of all devils..this bul wicked

  • Frank Crittenden Jr
    Frank Crittenden Jr

    Yao, a Push a & Kiss? Album? Oy mate! Would love2c

  • Ghost

    ✊🏼🤨know your fookin roots out there and follow your idols

  • 83Hree Official
    83Hree Official

    Jada gives me hope all days

  • nigward_01

    2:33 YUUURRRH 💯

  • Genaugmen

    Push ain't thinking about retiring. That nigga just keep pushin the bar with them bars.

  • A. Yellow
    A. Yellow

    I'm selling Avon ,that means the foundation is caked on.(push t

  • Liddyman Krhyme
    Liddyman Krhyme


  • Nian Entertainment
    Nian Entertainment


  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G

    I seen Pusha was Back had to peep it‼️💯

  • Ryan McAleer
    Ryan McAleer

    My interpretation of this is “hunting season, there’s a war going on but ain’t nothin bleeding.” Jada spittin’ some spiritual warfare shit...end of days music here. Angelic activity, hunting demons....word up my G, keep spittin that crack 💯

  • SergioKunGoodfella

    Is this an electronic ankle tag on Pusha-T's feet ?

  • iq2992

    No coincidence we went into lockdown the next day after this dropped.

  • Marquet Reed
    Marquet Reed

    Sad that they have to put a disclaimer on lyric references, only in hip hop, a predominantly Black based music & genre, they have to put disclaimers on their freedom of expression through art, is it like that for Metal?! Or any other genre?! Curious?!

  • Snoop dogg Calvin
    Snoop dogg Calvin


  • kye North
    kye North

    You better keep ya dot dot loaded!

  • Tashea Mason & Kevin Mason
    Tashea Mason & Kevin Mason


  • Michael Abraham
    Michael Abraham

    I heard it when it came out and it is several months know and still go hard like I just heard it. 💯

  • Mike Maxwell
    Mike Maxwell


  • Nathan Glover
    Nathan Glover

    Too fire

  • duane Matthews
    duane Matthews

    "Jada has never had a wack verse And in 2021 I'm listening first!" Duane M

  • 360 Degrees
    360 Degrees

    You'd be a hater if you ever question Jada, best that ever did it - now ef later.

  • nadege valentin
    nadege valentin


  • nadege valentin
    nadege valentin

    To the victor Goes The spoils like l m olaDIPO

  • nadege valentin
    nadege valentin

    Tax man ain't at my peephole here's a kilo

  • nadege valentin
    nadege valentin

    The greatest rapper with the Least soul no repos

  • nadege valentin
    nadege valentin

    Hunting season when l think of all these rappers

  • green

    Its lonely without the Kiss.


    Billion Streams Vs A Billion Fiends now we even yeah 😤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • edg810


  • YaGARuD3boY


  • Cedric Oliver
    Cedric Oliver

    J A D A Let's FN Go!!!

  • Live By Tha Truth
    Live By Tha Truth

    I just Feel a Smart Mobster coming thru my Speakers with these Rap Monsters- 80s Babies Know👑✊🏾🔥🔥

  • Kironfatboia.k.a.bigsoufsidefattspoundyoside


  • A.D.

    Female rappers too......I don't give a kcuf boo.....I saw the broad in the hallway. Getem kiss!! 914.

  • J.P Leonardo
    J.P Leonardo

    This song, I constantly have on repeat. Pure art from two amazing Emcee's. I always say it's a bit Cliche to say two artists should do a joint album. But I would love to hear a joint album/EP whatever you call it these days with these two artists. Even if it's a seven-track project. Seven would be enough and equivalent as a solid strong album of pure bars. Honestly truly amazing, but this song is just solid. #ThingsOfThatNature

  • Derrick Bowden
    Derrick Bowden

    Jada spitting fire on everything I been messing with them the lox since they came out.

  • chandru p
    chandru p

    Real Rap Man.

    • chandru p
      chandru p

      @jadakiss I can't believe dis, I got a replied from you. I don't know, how I express dis moment. I m big fan of rap song. Especially, ur songs are awesome. I listen all the rap songs. I would like u to collaborate with more rappers, recently I listen Royce da "Summer on Lock". I liked ur part. Still, I can't believe dis, I feel like I m in dream. You have big heart to reply me. My name is Chandru, I m from Chennai, India. Thanks, keep rappin n inspiring. Real Rap.

    • jadakiss

      Thanks for the love and support you showered on me, it's been a wonderful year having fans like solidly behind me This is just a private page for talking to close friends and families because I get thousands on messages on my official page and important messages get loss in there and this is my way of saying thank you to the people who brought me this far. I hope you never stop listening to my music.. you seem to be a very nice person from you comment... Do you have a big heart? Are you honest and caring, loving person.. If yes I will like to know more about you through my private tour mobile number.. text me there +13072758972. if you are not in us message me on whatsapp. God bless you🎤🎤🎤

  • Tony 12Gage
    Tony 12Gage

    🔥 the fact this isnt mainstream is crazy ..bruh.. Real Men barz 💯

  • gufran khan
    gufran khan

    def kiss in my top 5

  • a jones
    a jones

    The fact Pusha spit a verse of the year with not one curse word.

    • a jones
      a jones

      @Lee MVP I was actually just analyzing the metaphors and was like "wow he did not curse"

    • Lee MVP
      Lee MVP

      I had to go back and listen to that verse again...didn't realize he went in so hard without one curse word..thanks for pointing that out

  • mytsoplix

    All the record label cheat codes, none for me though. Simplistically Flammable. Damn.

  • darrius minott
    darrius minott

    Dave d is in drip club wonder what club liv

  • vernon bowmon
    vernon bowmon

    Sorry too say alot off rapper is not listening

  • Jaun Smart
    Jaun Smart

    Play this in Houston

  • Jaun Smart
    Jaun Smart

    Play this in the pan handle

  • Chesnet Joseph
    Chesnet Joseph

    Can you imagine drake bodying this beat🤔 nah me neither push

  • Sara Laimxoni
    Sara Laimxoni

    Eat Em All👁️‍🗨️

  • Larry Green jr
    Larry Green jr

    Bars... I could hear rakim on this track..⛽💯

  • mcfaz22

    Headshot to keep adidas pure 😵 A billion streams vs a billion fiends now we're even 😵😵

  • Omarr Koroma
    Omarr Koroma

    What u get out the huntin season?

  • Jackson Njagu
    Jackson Njagu

    Jada u are king of rap 😛👏👏👏👏

  • Jackson Njagu
    Jackson Njagu

    In love with beat so dope


    More powder in air, than Lay-bron....dope!

  • happytrailsgaming

    Damn I just heard this where the fuck have I been... this is fucking fire!

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks

    Fine Gentlemen sounds great, I loves the beat, God bless you bouth

  • Fly Guy
    Fly Guy

    My niggas

  • Ashley Booi
    Ashley Booi

    "Trust me I'm with the smoke on all levels" ooof

  • ajay jadhav
    ajay jadhav

    Bank$ took this to another level. 🔥

  • Jazzy Jay
    Jazzy Jay

    #JadaKiss always gon 💪 Bring it 💯

  • Conqueror Kang
    Conqueror Kang

    Drake hit the dislike button 1.1k times...

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