Jadakiss - Critical (Audio) ft. Jeezy
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Critical. (C) 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Chyna Shaw
    Chyna Shaw


  • Rashad Woods
    Rashad Woods

    Was fire but needed a 3rd verse TI or Bun B

  • Jaden Michael
    Jaden Michael

    Kiss da game goooodbye!!!!!!

  • Bruce Jones
    Bruce Jones

    Best album Jadakiss did it again Kiss been top 5 in my eyes album 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥.

  • ume Bugaje
    ume Bugaje

    so Dope, the replay button is critical

  • Rashad Alexander
    Rashad Alexander

    Jeezy verse 🔥🔥🔥

  • B- Bitter
    B- Bitter

    Jeezy better.

  • Marquis Glover
    Marquis Glover

    This is the top 5 dead or alive hands down FACETS

  • Free Housing
    Free Housing

    always wanted to hear these two on a track, but not lick this. (radio )why so main streeam bring back classic 90 flows with present day beats.

  • Chris Herrlinger
    Chris Herrlinger

    160 fake people disliked this.

  • purpdajerk89

    Wasn't feeling jeezy verse @ all.

  • Brooklyn Champ96
    Brooklyn Champ96

    this is what a ny rapper and a southern rapper should sound like together not like the same damn person🔥

  • gerardo escobar
    gerardo escobar

    aaaaayyyyy ight jadakiss

  • Neal Wright
    Neal Wright

    critcal nigga

  • Neal Wright
    Neal Wright

    critical nigga

  • Neal Wright
    Neal Wright

    critical nigga

  • killa keiss the general
    killa keiss the general

    Mr 17·5 and kiss murder city

  • The One
    The One

    WHAAAAT! 🔉🔉🔉👂🎼💣💥💨💯🎧 drink some Remy and turn up riding round the city.

  • Jerome Thedy
    Jerome Thedy

    Jada a fuckin legend one of the all time great lyricist

  • ticha jumadf
    ticha jumadf

    cvg'm jump

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues

    top 3 doa. in my book 4 is styles

  • Bad Comic
    Bad Comic

    Jeezy Cold on the chorus , but he could of rapped a little better on the verse unless he was asking Jadakiss to murder him

  • Vince D.
    Vince D.

    Jada damn Bars are critical. He Better than Biggie

    • Carter Gil
      Carter Gil


    • Brian Aguilar
      Brian Aguilar

      Vince Johnson no not better than biggie lyrics who shot ya too lyrical

  • Ja'Mesha Bowick
    Ja'Mesha Bowick

    jadakiss and jeezy this song gone be legendary...

  • Rath khan
    Rath khan

    Kiss of death, real hiphop , every verses will cut ya like a sword.

  • Blu Nova
    Blu Nova

    Kiss is a Goat!!! Jezzy too!!!

  • Desan Getmoney
    Desan Getmoney

    Jada tHe trutH 💯💯💯

  • Jerseybadboy31

    my fav joint on the album.....

  • Thetruthhurts You
    Thetruthhurts You

    damn.....EVERY word jeezy said went perfect with time and every instrument

  • Troy Curtain
    Troy Curtain

    jay shouldve been on this fo sho✊

  • Wilson Fisk
    Wilson Fisk

    montega Jada !!!!

  • Doug Anthony
    Doug Anthony

    straight cla$$ic!! I C u.. kiss... N.Y.C. stand uPP!!!

  • Jay Kali
    Jay Kali

    Streets Critical

  • Jay Kali
    Jay Kali


  • Kush#1 Super#TM
    Kush#1 Super#TM


  • Jon R
    Jon R

    ill start by saying yes you are one of the best dead or alive and At least you got JEEzy, but where are the monsters, where is Holiday styles. maybe even sheek long as he stays focust , where is the young unknown yonkers niggas you endorse that cut niggas the fuck up, where are the real hip hop, the killers the monsters , you and i know, i mean you earned the title no doubt and the rappers should come because of respect of what you have done. where is nas, where is 50, where are the relavant rap rejects rap genius, where the fuck is eveybody else

  • francesco hristov
    francesco hristov

    jada ma nigga

  • Dop Shoe
    Dop Shoe

    jada fucked over that boy stop it 💯💯

  • Real N1gga
    Real N1gga

    JeeZy spazzed

  • alexi eraclides
    alexi eraclides

    This is so dope!

  • chitman chatwal
    chitman chatwal

    Seriously DOPE!!!!!!!My Mind blown up.

  • SweetieLaughAlot

    this nigga rap like he gotta clear his throat n gucci rap like his nose stuffy they both be soundin sick

  • SkooLKraft E313
    SkooLKraft E313

    this beat hard as fuck....SHOUT out from Detroit

  • avery tomes
    avery tomes


  • Gorilla Texas Music
    Gorilla Texas Music

    This the hardest song on the album period!

  • King P
    King P


  • 91Realest

    T.I. definitely would've been a better fit on this. Jeezy could've stayed on the hook tho.

    • Matthew Lexus
      Matthew Lexus

      or he could keep the verse,and t.I. add a verse

  • DahknessDondre

    T.I should've been on this shit

    • Lillian Calla
      Lillian Calla

      Remix Babi ☺😚


    Why nobody put the instrumental up

  • Legendary

    I will admit, this album was official, and a statement. Jada just made me put him in the top 5 by claiming it, and proving it with this album. Seriously.

    • Jason Thibodeau
      Jason Thibodeau

      Your top 5 u serious where was he before

  • Julia Jones
    Julia Jones

    Need shyne on dis shit

  • So Slim
    So Slim

    the Hardest CD 2 come out this year...

  • Rizzo Aristotle
    Rizzo Aristotle

    Jadakiss slaughtered the tracked and Jeezy bodied it

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson

    kiss stupid hard out this world he killed this joint

  • Warren London
    Warren London



    dope shit

  • INFINITY1664

    Jeezy killed Kiss on this beat in my opinion. but love the first 15-25 seconds of his flow. they were fire. man this album is a fire. Kiss can never let his fans down

    • frank flippen
      frank flippen

      naw jada killed him lyricly

  • Mackyvelli

    streets criti kal im ma do it more like mysti kal

  • Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi

    700th like :)

  • TimmySwagga1

    Jeezy killed jada on this!!!!

  • theultraplush

    this whole cd went hard from start to finish. Jada has never let me down

    • Francois Langevin
      Francois Langevin

      Good Looking Baybie. HAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    • The Protagonist Dies
      The Protagonist Dies

      +BigD7997 FACTS

  • Jose Valencia
    Jose Valencia

    still one of the realest rappers. fuck the views, its about the honesty in the critical work him and his team do.

  • justin lewis
    justin lewis

    Maybe I'm trippin but this beat Dont sound trappish

  • justin lewis
    justin lewis

    I'm saying this record could bring NY back.When was last time y'all had a rapper beside( French ) make a top 10 single

  • Marvin Truitt
    Marvin Truitt

    both got albums out. nice approach to the market! and kiss basically brought Weezy back to the forefront of this fuckery. you're welcome, you're all welcome!!! Respect

    • LivingDangerouslyDyingInfamously

      You sound like the king of New York! 😀😀

  • Magnum Kalson
    Magnum Kalson

    thank you jadakiss you are the rap hiphop legend and you're the way beyond ...this wack fuck rap hiphop bs they do this day's is not how you been done it .. thank you for bring it back that real hiphop rap I can listen to it respect...I salute you jeezy.

  • Bless 38
    Bless 38


  • Chris G.
    Chris G.

    Jada should've had a second verse

  • Official A.D.H.D
    Official A.D.H.D

    this is alright but I hate hereing kiss on trap beatz, but jada killed it.....

    • 85jmurk

      +Official A.D.H.D Kiss is one of those rappers who's flow is so timeless that he can rap on any beat from boom bap to trap

    • Carl Parker
      Carl Parker


  • charlene leak
    charlene leak


  • Stevie Money JR
    Stevie Money JR


  • The Kool Kid
    The Kool Kid

    Im so glad Kiss back.. This is critical

  • Rod Stwrt
    Rod Stwrt

    been the best since he step foot in the game 💯

    • Bruce Jones
      Bruce Jones


  • dmoney668

    DOPE! Hell yea, some real shit

  • Jabbar Miles
    Jabbar Miles


  • Judah Gerard
    Judah Gerard

    only thing about the game of life is when u lose you cant run it back!!#t5doa

  • justin lewis
    justin lewis

    This could bring NY back?

    • Empty hearted
      Empty hearted

      I never knew NY needed some sorta comeback? (besides the Knicks )

    • LivingDangerouslyDyingInfamously

      +nrcboxers gayer than young thug lil Wayne and Trinidad James?

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill


  • Raeshamous Keys
    Raeshamous Keys


  • Miks Otaz
    Miks Otaz


  • Empress Aja
    Empress Aja

    the best rapper n the world hands down jadakiss

  • Adam Bowman
    Adam Bowman

    Uh haaaaaa

  • Chivon Jupierre
    Chivon Jupierre




  • Moron 420
    Moron 420

    this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



  • preskidd

    This needed Og Bun b on it.


    Can't lie I wasn't expecting this sound, Jezzy killed the beat tho

    • Night Warrior
      Night Warrior

      +Riverdale J. A thumb thug XD hahahahaha. I'm dead.

    • RMG DMV
      RMG DMV

      @Riverdale J. he was in his bedroom pissed about the shit...hahaha

    • Riverdale J.
      Riverdale J.

      +Matthew Lexus who cares bruh nigga you not the spelling police are you and I can pretty much guarantee you're not going to correct any body in person so why do it on the internet cuz your thumb thug and you can't even get that job right

    • RMG DMV
      RMG DMV

      @Matthew Lexus hahaha my bad

    • Matthew Lexus
      Matthew Lexus

      how many times do I have to tell ppl its spelled jeezy not jezzy!!!!!!!

  • Marvel Washington
    Marvel Washington

    Jada You probably don't remember this but You gave me 200 dollars 1 night I working with a security company. At this club.to let ya people in You was like here Doggy buy you a pair of the newest Tim's. to let your people in and some Bad bitches #100

    • Marvel Washington
      Marvel Washington

      It was a dope ass Event he came bouncing his lil short ass down flashing about a 50,000 bracelet wrapped around his wrist.

    • LivingDangerouslyDyingInfamously

      We was supposed to split that down the middle. I see you holding out on the brothers man you foul lol 😀😀😀 jk

    • neak hemingway
      neak hemingway

      +Marvel Washington damn bruh u lucky i would love to meet jada