Jadakiss - By My Side ft. Ne-Yo
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Music video by Jadakiss performing By My Side. (C) 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  • Haris Akbar
    Haris Akbar

    It’s 2020 and I still linten to this great one

  • Hubba B
    Hubba B

    So we gonna act like Ne-yo didn’t kill that bridge?? I miss this era

  • Crabby Me3
    Crabby Me3

    Who's listening 🎧 in 2020?

  • Paul Vigil
    Paul Vigil

    still here 2020 jada got that flow that gonna set my friday off...my girl gonna hold me down right by my side...

  • Anthony Stephenson
    Anthony Stephenson


  • Khalil Murray
    Khalil Murray


    • Khalil Murray
      Khalil Murray


  • BeeBee Bossick
    BeeBee Bossick

    Who’s listening in 2020

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    2020 mami

  • Jay M
    Jay M


  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    legendary shit.

  • Lashae Reign
    Lashae Reign


  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    legendary shit.

  • Matheus Araújo
    Matheus Araújo

    Esse feat é muito foda, sempre escuto essa música, desde a minha infância

  • Peace And LOVE
    Peace And LOVE

    Still listening to this in 2020!!!

  • trojanant61

    Can we just bring beats like this and lyricists that can kill it like this back. Just a few albums and I'll be happy.

  • James Oliver
    James Oliver

    Kan't help it that I'm selfish love the line the beat was knockin ne-yo jada styles p come to together and make a banger word up.

  • ryan nyamz
    ryan nyamz

    2020 👇🏿👇🏿

  • son ki-kyun
    son ki-kyun

    until 2019 listening?

  • Dannie Harrington
    Dannie Harrington


  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    lit tune.

  • Gustavo Gonçalves
    Gustavo Gonçalves

    2:58 WTF

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J

    lit vibes.

  • George Parker
    George Parker

    The random white girl dancing in this video got me lmao

    • Dabride_Jael

      @George Parker LMFAO, YO I thought I was the only one!!!!😂

  • Dj Icy BTK
    Dj Icy BTK

    This a classic 🔥

  • Stephanie Langdon
    Stephanie Langdon

    Still 🔥🔥

  • Red W.
    Red W.

    Very underrated

  • wr513


  • Simon

    2019 where yall at?

  • Diy in the Ghetto
    Diy in the Ghetto

    That chick he ran into looks like she wanna knock him on his ass for bumping into her like that. Just saying....

  • Derryck Tarver
    Derryck Tarver

    I swear they need to drop an album. Every song they got together is a banger.

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    what happened to music???....

  • Matheus Araújo
    Matheus Araújo

    Desde 2009 escutando essa pedrada 🔥

  • Nia Harris
    Nia Harris

    Teena Marie....brought me here " I need ur l-o-v-i-n"

  • 69 Candles and Flames Daughter of Zion
    69 Candles and Flames Daughter of Zion

    Who's listening in 2018/2019?

    • rhinoskin extraboss
      rhinoskin extraboss

      @Jeanette Edwards 👌💪👊

    • JayReed24

      2020, still bumping it. 🔥

    • L.O.L World
      L.O.L World


    • rhinoskin extraboss
      rhinoskin extraboss

      Hell yeah

  • Sandeep Shah
    Sandeep Shah

    still a banger in 2018.

  • Zaida Arroyo
    Zaida Arroyo

    When music was decent 😍I love this song

  • Lameka Harris
    Lameka Harris

    SPEND IT🖤👀

  • FreddyFree

    2009 my truck driving days

  • Villian Records
    Villian Records

    Jada one of the best artist ever!!!!

  • Villian Records
    Villian Records

    Neyo no joke!!!!

  • Lameka Harris
    Lameka Harris

    She not Holden me down- demons

  • Winner 2016
    Winner 2016


  • Hakim Badd
    Hakim Badd

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Lionix - The Savage [Old]
    Lionix - The Savage [Old]

    Idk why this isn't more popular

    • Lionix - The Savage [Old]
      Lionix - The Savage [Old]

      @abyss104 Yep :c

    • abyss104

      Not enough DJs broke this record.

  • Nina Rose
    Nina Rose

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Madame Seektress
    Madame Seektress


  • Madame Seektress
    Madame Seektress


  • Marvee Sirleaf
    Marvee Sirleaf

    Jadakiss so that and much more..! he's definitely different and cool as ice....!😍😍


    goes out 2 u know who ;KB)

  • ernest23ize

    What kind of peacoat is that that black on Jada wearing

  • Nia Harris
    Nia Harris

    my brother in my head....ah haaah

  • Corbiegoonta

    Jadakiss underrated

    • Dee Nice
      Dee Nice

      Nicholai Corbie Him, Styles & Sheek are nicer than most rappers out today

  • iLoveLeatherNYC

    2017 and this song is STILL fire! love this dude...flow is crazy!

  • Nia M
    Nia M

    matter of fact Teena Marie song brought me here..."I need ur l-o-v-i-n"...go head brother from another mother

  • Dylan Plakstis
    Dylan Plakstis

    Hot record.

  • Trina Brown
    Trina Brown

    I love jada

  • Bwifeforlife Harris
    Bwifeforlife Harris

    This track is so much of a feel good type of song, the day that my husband and I have unlimited funds in our bank account I'm gonna bang this song lol! One of my favs by Jada and Neyo

  • Tyrrell Gels
    Tyrrell Gels

    ahh got His a own flow but I see that B.I.G swagg RIP Biggie Smalls Man

  • Mo ASeven
    Mo ASeven


  • Brittany Cottrell
    Brittany Cottrell

    if you think these lyrics mean being a side chick well we know what your relationship is like

    • jaclyn Dover
      jaclyn Dover

      Brittany Cottrell this a "WIFEY" song 4sure

    • Tyrrell Gels
      Tyrrell Gels

      Brittany Cottrell that's a trip

  • Kevin Mcclane
    Kevin Mcclane

    teena Marie I need your loving sample

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    It sounds like a Ryan Leslie Prodution but it's Eric Hudson

    • Kevin Mcclane
      Kevin Mcclane

      the beginning baseline is from teena Marie I need your lovin

  • A. Byrd
    A. Byrd


  • tongolele

    who's the dancer

  • Greg Dockowitz
    Greg Dockowitz

    I wank to this song

  • Cham Zika
    Cham Zika

    Som.zika esse

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    This is the joint!

  • Gina Cangin
    Gina Cangin

    Pay attention to these words..... Don't be stoopiddddddddddd!!! Ha

  • Jordan Lino
    Jordan Lino

  • I am that girl
    I am that girl



  • Niya Reason
    Niya Reason

    I love him rs

  • kossigan

    jada stay laughing hard...never gets tired of doing that

  • Natleata Williams
    Natleata Williams

    Jadakiss is nice, he doesn't get the credit he deserves

    • jose lucas
      jose lucas

      there are other rappers better than him, but he deserves more

    • 823 Crip
      823 Crip

      Natlleata Williams because he's not a sellout

    • Alan Ridgely
      Alan Ridgely

      "Why i be sayin the hottest shit, but be sellin the least"

  • fuck youtube
    fuck youtube

    idk y jadakiss hangs out with rick ross and these other fake rappers smh

    • Damien h
      Damien h

      fuck youtube maybe they a have a good rapour and stumulatimg cobersation. Or maybe.... music videos arent real life?

    • Christopher Lehman
      Christopher Lehman

      me either man rick ross is a joke

  • Fran Cardoso
    Fran Cardoso

    Monique luchese...

  • Shawn Coles
    Shawn Coles

    holla all horny sexy ladies and cum to my place and CUM ALL DAY OR ALL NIGHT MY CELL IS 518 253-0729

  • MrMiltonGaming

    Brings back some Great Memories!

  • djalxxx

    This track is HOT HOT HOT ! I really have no clue why it didn't get enough play!!!

    • Manuel Meade
      Manuel Meade

      Exactly I love this track

    • Tharsan J
      Tharsan J

      it did it was a Top 20 Hit Record.

  • Damian Copado Maynard
    Damian Copado Maynard

    man I miss 2009

    • Ricoo GzZ
      Ricoo GzZ

      I Don't 💯 That Was The Year We Lost Michael Jackson 😓

  • Darren Webber
    Darren Webber

    I like

  • Wayne Goldman Jr
    Wayne Goldman Jr

    Ne-Yo KILLED the break down in this joint!

    • Miguel Sanchez
      Miguel Sanchez

      Jadakiss is one of the best lyricists in the planet dont underreatem 50 cent is garbage that real

  • Damian Copado Maynard
    Damian Copado Maynard

    2009 when Jada released his Last Kiss album. :O)

  • xoxoKaiyaxoxo

    2008???!!!! Wah where da hell was i when this was playing , this jam is new to me hahaha

  • Joshua StoneKutter
    Joshua StoneKutter

    this song and video had hella swag, imma need for Ne-Yo to hop back on his neo soul sound though, he need to leave that pop-tart shit alone

    • jay pierre
      jay pierre

      The song fit ne-yo perfectly because the producer of this song -eric hudson .. had also produced 2 songs off of ne-yo because of you album

    • Darryl Wallace
      Darryl Wallace

      😂 Pop tart shit. That made my day.

    • kossigan

      tell me about it

  • Jasper van den Berg
    Jasper van den Berg

    And that beat is aight, makes you warm up for getting to that catchy hook

  • Jasper van den Berg
    Jasper van den Berg

    Gotta love that hook, damn

  • Tanji Wilson
    Tanji Wilson

    my boo Jadakiss that's my nucca muah muah PAPI

  • 45HOT5 444HEADZ
    45HOT5 444HEADZ

    that dancer at 0:11 shuda been the chik in the video shes lookin booom.

  • Life Force Foward
    Life Force Foward

    Cool song, I miss this sound.

  • MontesGraphics

    macklemore? Commercial? Tell me whats so commercial about shopping at a thrift store.

  • kiss my a
    kiss my a

    Fat ass nigga

  • Wasim Robinson
    Wasim Robinson

    Every Good Woman Need A Thuq

  • m.o.b x
    m.o.b x

    This is hands down one of my top 3 hip hop songs. Jada always kills it!

  • RegularRy

    thumbs up if you thought the "Could You Be Loved" beat was gunna drop hahahaha


    Rick ross, lil wayne, and all those other fake artists ruin everything no doubt about that

  • Tasha Dowdell
    Tasha Dowdell

    I'm Right By Mans Side

  • mustShineAlight!🕯

    luv this!

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    i use to work at the night club were this video was shoot at

  • Man Dem
    Man Dem

    beat is corny

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