Jadakiss - Angels Getting Pedicured (Audio) ft. 2 Chainz
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Angels Getting Pedicured (Audio). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • John Parker
    John Parker

    2Chainz had 2 step his game up Kiss wasn't having that lol

  • H D
    H D

    Jada:Man of the town,I got the top down whatever the season is. Me: Got the sunroof crack whatever the season is🤣🤣🤣

  • Nicholas Lynch
    Nicholas Lynch

    Picture 'Kiss not come out swingin' It's like going to see 50 at a show And he don't come out singin' (C'mon!) Lol I’m jus playing kiss shits dope deff sing more hooks 🔥💯

  • MrDeezy921

    "Weed connoisseur/ lyrical expert!! Started off with the white girl, letting the tec squirt. The plugs love a nigga n I knew how to network. I trimmed up a little but tripled my net worth. Then the hate came, watever the reason is, cause I got the top down whatever the season is. In that thing they don't believe is his, we gonna beat the odds and show you what getting even is. Ahhh my 2 mans in the back, they pre rolling, 2 grams to a back. They was trapping the grams, I bought my grams to the trap. Caught a diesel connect and made my grams off of smack. 🎼🎼🎼🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MrDeezy921

    Jada so nasty. Always has been. The thing I admire the most about him is how subtle he can be but be spitting. A lot of people just vibe and never have any clue what the F he be really saying. This first verso was subtly great!

  • Mr All-Purpose
    Mr All-Purpose

    2 chains saying so much random shit that don’t make no damn sense..

  • J McRae
    J McRae


  • Classicmann 119
    Classicmann 119

    For grown folks...yall Mumble rappers🤦🏽‍♂️ I mean kids ,its bed time

  • Vito Fabrizio Brugnola
    Vito Fabrizio Brugnola

    Feelin' lucky about being alive in a era with this kind of sound...

  • Bryan Howard
    Bryan Howard

    On playback

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock

    Drake - My Only Son, My Little Man Adonis Is Going To Be Like Daddy, You Know The Pussy Gettin' Type,,, All the Girls Want Adonis,,, All I Ever Did Was Fuck Hoes & Stay Real,,, Sophie A Real Chick, She The One Who Deserves The Most Respect,,, 20 Adonis Pics,,, My Women Want Money & Fame,,, I Got Tapes Before My Rap Career, Those Are Priceless,,, BabyMama Music,,, Fatherhood Is The Best,,, AMG Shit,,,

  • Lil Pickle Rick
    Lil Pickle Rick

    A 2 chainz feature never disappoints 🔥🔥

  • Lil Pickle Rick
    Lil Pickle Rick

    Dope duo🔥🔥

  • Sonya Samuel
    Sonya Samuel

    Jada omg we doing hooks now i love it bro omg

  • realdeal139


  • Dwayne Belvett
    Dwayne Belvett


  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    Another classic baby 🤘😏🎼💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯



  • Keith WOLF Hoskin
    Keith WOLF Hoskin


  • OB

    I need a music video for this joint Jada 🙏



  • Hailey Hall
    Hailey Hall

    700 comment

  • Power100

    Happy 43rd BDAY to 2Chainz 2020!!!!

  • Marona Winston
    Marona Winston


  • koiey ferguson
    koiey ferguson

    Kiss been tha truth salute !! 1 Luv



  • Maraist Powers
    Maraist Powers

    Check out Maraist music on all platforms

  • Dinero

    The way I’m pulling up, boy, you can’t miss it

  • Myrick313

    2chains can spit when he get lyrical. But he knows that dosnt sell so he dumbs it down a bit. But when you on a track wit Jada you cant be wack.

  • Biggs 662
    Biggs 662

    It's the intro for me, "I dnt wanna conversate"‼

  • Jabril Mckevie
    Jabril Mckevie

    I fw this hard🔥💯

  • A_DON

    Damn I’m old ..... FOR WHAT

  • Esmin Kolenovic
    Esmin Kolenovic

    I don’t understand why he would put 2 chainz on this smh the song ends as soon as he raps but Jadakiss verse and hook 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • James C. Jr.
    James C. Jr.

    This should be the best album of the year. At least Jada and company really saying something. Kill that mumble rap Jada!

  • Maurice Davis
    Maurice Davis

    Who did that damn beat

    • Dinero

      The angels themselves

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    My boy!!!!!

  • Selwyn Johnson
    Selwyn Johnson


  • New Jersey Times
    New Jersey Times


  • larry more
    larry more

    Listen to this song 1000 times and it’s still goes hard 🔥 🔥

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams

    My boi Kiss kinda exposed 2 chains...he sounded straight wack compared to kiss

  • Suave Giancana
    Suave Giancana

    I Agree My Fellow King @KDSWAGGER👌🏾

  • Terri Cantrell
    Terri Cantrell

    Just a man trying to make it happen. Before i dine n with this beatuiful women

  • Terri Cantrell
    Terri Cantrell

    Some you would like to no what type of hold u have visually decling u because we took a rock bottom but it words mon

  • Jonathan Jacques
    Jonathan Jacques

    The only ting if I stay here....touring in all those package right

  • Kendale Skipper
    Kendale Skipper

    Real Rap........thank u Jadakiss

  • lovely Kissies
    lovely Kissies

    This is heat the streets been missing this. I am a personal chef subscribe to my ALgone channel. Jadakiss let me cook for you.

  • Harvey Williams
    Harvey Williams

    2chainz got off on this one


    best production in 2020

  • MrPeter2320

    this shit is fire 🔥

  • Trav T
    Trav T

    Still my favorite rapper. Forever and always

  • Gallowrld Flow
    Gallowrld Flow

    I love Jada

  • Milton Mussuei
    Milton Mussuei


  • S. Harris
    S. Harris

    Only thing this album was missin is Sheek n SP. Wish they was on somethin

  • Reuben Jones
    Reuben Jones

    Legendary old head's forever have it, an now Jada sings hooks solute 💯 D block

  • Abdullah Hardy
    Abdullah Hardy

    The HOOK!!!!!! It’s a JADA HOOK!!!! From JADA!

  • tshepokevinmoropa

    is Kiss baby !!!

  • David Woods
    David Woods

    He been doing this, check the archives

  • Kristina Croft
    Kristina Croft

    Big summer vibes

  • Quincy Francis
    Quincy Francis

    You gotta love Kiss....he is a veteran...much respect from the boot....

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    "piano sounds like Angels getting pedicures". Dam Chains u ain't Bullshitin! This song Fire🔥🔥 Instant classic with these two together!!🎹🎶🎤🎤💪🏾💪🏾

  • Sonny Gallegos
    Sonny Gallegos

    Kilt this joint

  • Devon

    Thanks for the Music my brother!! Not just this but all the Greatness you give.

  • Devon

    That 👍 good

  • TEMPL area of outstanding natural beauty
    TEMPL area of outstanding natural beauty

    yeah 2 Chainz did bring something very fitting, skills

  • Katina Treadwell
    Katina Treadwell


  • Willow The Greatest
    Willow The Greatest

    the greatest rapper alive hands down

  • Patrick Spruill
    Patrick Spruill

    2chainz ain't worthy enough to be on a kiss joint. Messed up the whole song FOH

    • Russell Cazzie N
      Russell Cazzie N

      So disrespectful. Sad🤣

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith

    Kissgambeano foreal son philly nigga said it be how do u

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    Ok chains 🔥

  • Melvin Fogle
    Melvin Fogle

    Yoo! Jada killed that hook

  • M Atkins
    M Atkins

    Had to move smooth like a mop😅😂🤣💪

  • KeithO SwaTtt
    KeithO SwaTtt

    Jadakiss is a jewel to HipHop this guy never disappoint me

  • Dee Cei
    Dee Cei

    Who are the Jacks that don't like this track???

  • Demetrius Barnes
    Demetrius Barnes

    Baptise the fork in boiling conditions😥. Chainz came thru

  • Malik Carter
    Malik Carter

    Idk why mfs acting Chainz ain't been doing this shit! The boy been nice y'all just sleep

  • DO DA
    DO DA

    All We Need Was Banks Damn

  • DO DA
    DO DA

    Banks Beat Fo Sure

  • DO DA
    DO DA

    So Killah!

  • Bubba McGough
    Bubba McGough

    Perpetual flow..

  • Dr Willow- D TV
    Dr Willow- D TV

    2 chainz kill it.

  • Baqui Denim
    Baqui Denim


  • Supreme VG
    Supreme VG

    🔥 🔥 as usual, cant lie when i heard the hook i automatically thought of 50 cent real shit tho lol

  • HANEEF Williams
    HANEEF Williams

    Forever a legend

  • William Murray
    William Murray



    Jadakiss album hot fire. Definitely a summer banger

  • NiKk ButterFly
    NiKk ButterFly

    Ain't nothing to talk about.... this Jada😘

  • Woodyy Woodss
    Woodyy Woodss

    Y’all big cappin Chain verse wack😭

  • Itss YvngSlay
    Itss YvngSlay

    I Told Em Lego Maybe We Can Truly Build🗣🔥 3:06

  • Marcus Long
    Marcus Long

    They need visuals for this ASAP 💯💯🎯

  • Tharman Hinds
    Tharman Hinds

    tryna figure out what the dislikes could possibly be for? Kiss has never changed!!! Same boss ass lyricist that came out years ago.. smfh

  • El Numero
    El Numero

    KIss and Chainz need to from a group lol

  • Steven Hartnett
    Steven Hartnett

    Kiss been on the hooks lately I digg it

  • Darvel Stone
    Darvel Stone

    The best bring the best out you!💯💯

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    "Had so much class I even had detention"

  • darealtonyc

    dont sleep on chainz he went in

  • Outlaw Teedo
    Outlaw Teedo

    2chains knew he had to come hard 🔥🔥

    • James Pennix
      James Pennix

      Yeah sometimes it takes other LYRICIST to bring out the best in you.

  • Wattz & Learn
    Wattz & Learn

    Also, 2 Chainz verse was hardbody.

  • Wattz & Learn
    Wattz & Learn

    50 proud of Jada for that hook!

  • Pinky PDT
    Pinky PDT

    The industry ain't shit without Jada

  • drewdown thompson
    drewdown thompson

    Jadakiss got bar we my best rap