• Sam Hotham
    Sam Hotham

    Still hits you in 2021

  • jhon dairon mazo zapata
    jhon dairon mazo zapata

    Bofff que hp tema

  • FxHnd05

    Man, if this ain't the anthem for 2020, going into 2021. I really miss this era of rap.

  • G Williams
    G Williams

    Who did better wordplay than fred the godson

  • JoJo killz 3000
    JoJo killz 3000

    The lyricsim is real...

  • George Proctor
    George Proctor

    This shit still 🔥🔥🔥 in 2021!

  • CashCow

    Watching 11 year old video effects is cool as shyt....they did the best with current tech...its like how they flew the first rocket with less computing power than your iphone smh..#ingenuity...man forces his will on nature and bends nature to his will...

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock

    Movie, Executive Produced By: Drake, George Floyd RIP,,,

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock

    Drake - Means, King Tut Was Lethal To The Lox, OVO Signed Davido,,, Michael Braddock Was Big In The Films & Movies,,, Bronx Stallion,,,

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock

    Drake - Kiss, Stone Mecca Is A Bum On The Block,,, OVO Signed Hyzah,,, OVO Signed YK Osiris,,,

  • Gabriel Guttierrez
    Gabriel Guttierrez

    Yo that intro and drop tho? Let me hop on a song witchyuh

  • Gerald Deals
    Gerald Deals

    Rappers gotta stop making these videos with these shoot up scenes at the end, it be too prophetic!!!

  • Regina Weaver
    Regina Weaver

    Some'll love some'll use you, nothing wrong as long as you know who's who.

  • Regina Weaver
    Regina Weaver

    This is real Hip Hop. Hands down. Thanks Jadakiss.

  • Regina Weaver
    Regina Weaver

    Jadakiss never left us. This is what hip hop is all about.

  • Regina Weaver
    Regina Weaver

    Jadakiss one of the greatest of all time. His voice is timeless. Much respect.

  • Justin Domenech
    Justin Domenech


  • Justin Domenech
    Justin Domenech

    U could change rappers Me Legend

  • Noel Lebron
    Noel Lebron

    I remember when this came out. I was in elementary haha but yeah R.I.P king Kobe and his beautiful princess. God bless you all

  • g fam
    g fam

    I miss this kinda hip hop/rap/r&b/soul music thats why jadas top 5 for me!!🔥🔥🔥🎶🎧🎶🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • Tarandeep Dhanoa
    Tarandeep Dhanoa

    January 2021

  • blakat777

    This beat was worth every penny Kiss paid for this joint........

  • Tasha Mack
    Tasha Mack

    Jada is tha🐐. Mariah is the Queen. Her vocals are everything on this song. Jammin in 2021💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  • Tasha Mack
    Tasha Mack

    This is a classic. Styles, Jada and Eve both ate this beat up. Their flow was 🔥. I miss music like this. I wish I can go back to the good Ole days. Styles, Java and Eve is legends. They have pave the way for some of these young cats in this music business. They deserve credit.

  • Brand New
    Brand New

    "Even threatened to throw a refrigerator at Diddy...". Lol, classic Jadakiss

  • Tasha Mack
    Tasha Mack

    Still goes hard in 2021. Melyssa Ford was that girl in every video. She is pretty for real thou. Jada is that 🐐. Tha brotha was cold with those lyrics. He is on my top 10 list.

  • Marquet Reed
    Marquet Reed

    Sad that they have to put a disclaimer on lyric references, only in hip hop, a predominantly Black based music & genre, they have to put disclaimers on their freedom of expression through art, is it like that for Metal?! Or any other genre?! Curious?!

  • hb B
    hb B

    Im a cali nigga but jada is one of my fav mcs period.

  • Andria Goss
    Andria Goss

    All singers are fly fly fly.

  • Isaiah O
    Isaiah O

    2 Car 2 R to bus two stars, R us Toys like rolls on rolls she know what views. Right slow bounce right on notes till late. Mask splash o green like yellow taxi on fate. Let the beat ride... v3 put up all the cash in my pocket 3.50 a soda and a classic like dorittos cheetos flames on the side tada

  • Tanisha Maxwell
    Tanisha Maxwell

    So hot like fire🔥🔥🔥🌬️🌬️🌬️

  • Lizzy Ocean
    Lizzy Ocean

    THIS IS SO FIRE....OMG...I LUV IT.....

  • JonLa89

    Why didnt people in 2020 and even in 2021 still don't want to wear their masks during a global pandemic? Why do people still deny that there isn't a virus out here killing people?

  • Brother Zion
    Brother Zion


  • Sheila White
    Sheila White

    Grown man talk

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks

    These gentlemen has a great voice 👌 , God bless they heart's ♥ ❤

  • Ultimate Gaming
    Ultimate Gaming

    Didn't know Ben Simmons Could Sing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad Franz
    Chad Franz

    Friday Jan 15th 2021 and still that shit 💯😎

  • M. M
    M. M

    2021 and this is still the shit.

  • Israel Itinerant Court
    Israel Itinerant Court


  • louis soler
    louis soler

    The intro to this song gives me goosebumps!! Lol 😂

  • Ezekiel Sullivan
    Ezekiel Sullivan

    I still hot the L.O.X. Money power respect and we are the streets on cassette

  • Guy Ofkaillera
    Guy Ofkaillera

    llamar Odom cameo?

  • D-Tech

    They don't make 'em like this anymore "before you pick up speed you need traction"

  • Roop Deol
    Roop Deol

    Wow with the same beat karan aujla has song name hikk vich vajjo. BTW that song is not officially released. Both are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez

    Why so much pain and pressure We must Overcome

  • Zach Morgan
    Zach Morgan

    One of the best Hip Hop songs EVER... FIGHT ME

  • Father Time
    Father Time

    To all the fallen soldiers that got gunned down in these streets Rest In Power Brothers....Ice Pick J I never met u but I know what u meant a lot to Jada so that makes u my brother too R.I.P.KING!!

  • Jay jay Ndebele
    Jay jay Ndebele

    what does nip mean by aint make no excuse or no size

  • Terence Carson
    Terence Carson

    Jadakiss is the Truth.Hands Down.

  • Ximena Daza
    Ximena Daza

    2021 🥰😍

  • bocean07

    In a room full of demons how can we make amends he took a chance and took the stand you got a check your man🔥🔥🔥🔥Ross actually went off on this shit

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman

    Honestly, Jadakiss deserves way more credit than he gets (if he actually does) He's never disappointed. Rare breed legend

  • Mulla Inc
    Mulla Inc


  • Mulla Inc
    Mulla Inc

    Anyone ever heard that fredo starr song called what if part 1 looks similar and they bpth classic af...

  • Aaron Lajimodiere
    Aaron Lajimodiere

    Nip man rip never listened to yeah when you were alive and well still don't listen to yeah but yeah fucked this track up it was good until your verse came in

  • Cee Gee
    Cee Gee

    🔥🔥🔥 wish i was responsible fa this beat

  • Tarek Kennedy
    Tarek Kennedy

    2021 we still here

  • Melvyn Armstead
    Melvyn Armstead

    All my west coast people's! Y'all riding wit this!

  • Pherrerworld

    That music sound like to many slaps on my face 😥😓❤️

  • Jeffrey Jarstad
    Jeffrey Jarstad

    True music love to everyone



  • Goines Jason
    Goines Jason

    Kiss you hug you

  • ZeddVines

    That beat so so hard

  • Tumisang morake
    Tumisang morake


  • Angel Rivera Jr.
    Angel Rivera Jr.

    Always been my favorite . Never let me down . I see the growth and some might want the old kiss but this maturity being shown is rare among the elites . So much diversity . The PEOPLES CHAMP !!!

  • Chauntel Amor
    Chauntel Amor

    #NeverHadAWackVerse #WordUpBaby!!!

  • ANTI-activist

    Love this song, but remember were all gonna die soon, and there's no sequel

  • ANTI-activist

    Why the let The Terminator win the election, funny how Arnie wants Trump to be removed when the world wanted Arnold Terminated from from being gov?

  • Doodies Duties
    Doodies Duties

    Nip ate this bihh

  • NorthCaliVL

    This track makes me sad, it's so real and still relevant to this day. Jadakiss is a legend 💯✅👏

  • Mr J
    Mr J

    ".... all ya shooting, is the breeze.... ". J. A. D. A.

  • Raymond Rodriguez
    Raymond Rodriguez

    Ive made it but yet not done

  • Youtube Maniac
    Youtube Maniac

    Jadakiss is a really dope rapper

  • David Grant
    David Grant

    Why Denzil have to be Crooked to win an Oscar

  • Microphone Mike
    Microphone Mike

    Imma keep it a stack... Fred My Favorite.... But Jada got Him on this One

  • Microphone Mike
    Microphone Mike

    He knew he had to bring it with Jada... Fred verse to short

  • Robo Drill Films }JV Harvey
    Robo Drill Films }JV Harvey

    We don't appreciate this dude, enough.

  • Eric Whalen
    Eric Whalen

    I am a machine at one time all the odds were against me but now they are in my favor for my clientele I will always be on my best behavior but in rap I will remain the biggest trap star and with the ladies they know I am a smooth operator

  • H

    Mariah stopped ageing around 2000 😭